How To Train Your Dog To Sit


Dogs are increasingly seen as family members by many owners, as many choose to feed their dogs human food, give them beds alongside them, and cherish them every bit as much as another family member might.

One foundational command for training your dog that should be taught early and often is the “sit” command. Teaching your dog a few basic commands is never a bad thing, and it can benefit both of you.

So, how to train your dog to sit? It’s easier than you might think! Keep reading to learn everything you should do.

Introducing the Sit Command


Introducing the sit Command is the first step to training your dog to sit. Start by finding your dog’s favorite treats. Have your dog sit in front of you and show him/her the treat. Gently hold or place your hand over your dog’s shoulders and repeat the “Sit” command.

Once your dog sits, give him/her the treat and verbal praise. Practice multiple short sessions in a row building up the amount of time he/she can stay in the sit position. As your dog advances, you can help him/her by guiding the bottom gently backward with your hands while repeating the “Sit” command.

Building Positive Reinforcement

Training a dog to sit is an effective way of building positive reinforcement with your pet. Firstly, start off by luring your dog into the sitting position by holding a treat in front of its nose. Next, use your chosen word, such as “sit,” to direct your pup into this position.

As your dog begins to sit down, give them positive reinforcement in the form of praise and a treat. Each time your dog listens to your command, reward them with a treat. Over time, your canine friend will begin to understand and master the skill.

With patience, you and your pup will be well on your way to building a positive and respectful relationship.

Establishing Consistency & Praise

To train a dog to sit using establishing consistency and praise, the first step is to ensure the command is uttered in the same way each time. Say the word “sit” or “stay” and remain consistent in those commands over time. When the dog follows the command, give the animal praise and reward it with a treat. Do this each time in the same manner until the animal is used to this particular command.

Be sure to also be consistent with rewards. Dogs are often commanded to sit or stay, but if the animal does it right away, the reward should be given immediately to reinforce that behavior.

Positive feedback and encouragement should be consistent at all times with any type of dog training. Otherwise, the dog will pick up on any sort of inconsistency, and the training will not be effective. If a mistake is made, do not heavily scold the animal, but rather, focus on praise and support. Consider joining sniffer dogs contraband detection for more advanced and professional training.

How to Train Your Dog to Sit Consistently

Train your dog to sit by consistently providing a reward after they correctly complete the command. With enough practice and care, your dog will learn how to sit in no time. Now it’s time to lock into your knowledge of how to train your dog to sit. And start practicing more advanced commands. Start training your pup today and have a happy, obedient pooch in no time!

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