How to Stay Within the Production Schedule During Manufacturing


On average, companies will spend an extra 27% if their projects go over the planned amount. Staying within a production schedule isn’t always easy.

Unexpected events during the manufacturing process are the main reason why a project runs over, that’s why a solid project plan needs to be in place.

In this article, we give you insights and advice you need to stay on track. This includes tips on how to plan your production, and keep productivity up.

Stay on your production schedule (and within budget) by following these insights. Read on to learn how to maintain manufacturing productivity and output.


Examine Problems as a Team

Before starting a project, managers should assess the workflow. This will give you an in-depth understanding of any potential issues. One of the best ways to boost productivity in manufacturing is by involving the whole team.

To ensure your team at your manufacturing plant is making the most of their collective talents. Evaluate if you have the right people and whether they are being sufficiently utilized.

Additionally, a conversation with members of your staff can uncover previously unknown issues. Keep everyone engaged in overcoming any challenges. This dialogue may also provide valuable insight that upper management would be unaware of.

Review Your Existing Workflow

Before changing your production planning strategy, you’ll need to understand how everything currently operates.

To do this, have you attempted value stream mapping? This allows for a comprehensive evaluation. It will show any potential improvements or bottlenecks in the process.

Additionally, assess whether all your machines are fully functional. Is the technology you’re using meet future needs too? Lastly, identify how easy it would be to implement modifications in production as needed.

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Update Processes and Technology

After analyzing and mapping your existing workflow, it’s time to make a plan. Identify where processes or technology may need optimization. The best production plans make the most of the latest technology to improve efficiency.

If a process has been around for a while, it may be hindering you. Automation can make things easier and less likely to make mistakes. You can use special software to help with planning, keeping track of what you have, and managing work.

When you are looking for new technology and equipment, remember to factor in the production budget. Think about how much it will cost you in the long run. This will help you decide if it is worth investing in.

Need More Help Keeping Your Production Schedule on Track?

Ultimately, staying within the production schedule and budget is a matter of careful planning. Do this by assessing potential issues with your team. It’s also a good idea to review existing workflows, and update processes and technology.

If you need extra help managing or optimizing your production process further then check out the other articles and resources on our blog.