How to Start Weight Training When You’ve Never Lifted a Finger Before


Weight training is a form of exercise also known as resistance training or strength training and involves the lifting and use of weights to build muscle, tone the body, and lose weight. Here are the best beginner tips for those who have never lifted a weight before and are keen to get going.

Have a Plan in Mind

Why do you want to weight train? This is the key question and will go a long way to determining what type of weights program and equipment you will need. It may just be about getting healthy or increasing fitness, then there will be those who want to tone their muscles, and others yet who will want to build and maintain muscle growth. Alternatively, you may have a continuum of needs that starts with a basic aim to get fit and moves along to building muscle and gaining weight. Having a precise plan in mind that you can then transfer to a weight training program should be the first step.

Start Slow

There’s no point paying over the odds to join the best gym in the city.Rather, look to start slowly and get a few of the simplest weights for home use.Places like Mirafit make great quality dumbbells of all sizes that can be used to attune the body and get used to the weightlifting process. Use simple exercises, such as bicep curls,triceps extensions, or shoulder rolls. Mix in press-ups and some stretching, and you will have a terrific way to slowly start the process of weight training. Keep initials weights at a manageable level and ensure that you do not strain yourself.

Monitor Progress and Increase Intensity

Weight training is based on the premise of either increasing the repetitions of the exercise conducted and toning the muscles or increasing weights and building additional muscle. If you’re serious about a sustainable weight training program, then you will need to monitor your progress and adjust it accordingly to make the most of the changes and improvements in body muscle and mass. By monitoring exactly where you are always, you will be able to make immediate adjustments to your program of weightlifting to suit the body that you aim to develop.


Get as Much Advice as Possible

Starting a weight training programme can be a daunting process and one of the best ways to be successful is to look for and use as much credible and proven weight training advice as possible. Articles such as this are a fitting example, but you need to look for known professionals and other exercise experts’ advice. Look for online forums, YouTube videos, and short clips of example exercise routines and specific exercises that can be done with the weights that you have at home.

The tips in this article can be used by those who have never lifted a weight before to get into weight training and make the most of their gym time.