How to promote your business abroad


Growing a business sometimes means branching out into new countries. That means you need to learn how to promote your business abroad. This guide will show you exactly how to do it.

Make sure that there is a market

First, you need to make sure there’s a market for your product or service in that country. Not every country has the same needs. If your product/service is not needed there, you’re spending time and money promoting something that will probably flop. Do some research on the internet to see if what you sell can be sold in another country. You could also test by selling in small quantities and then scaling the business abroad.

Research search engines in your target countries


You won’t necessarily rank top of Google just by using English. Make sure that you’re targeting the correct countries and search engines when promoting your business abroad.

Implement translation software

When promoting your business abroad, you’ll need to translate all your content. This will allow you to communicate with customers in their native language(s). To do this, you will need to implement translation software. You might also need to hire a native speaker to check it over.

Be very mindful of keywords

Even if you’re using translation software, you need to be careful with the keywords that are used. If you rank for a search term in English but then translate it back into English, it might not sound the way you expected or is even downright wrong. Remember how people search in your target countries and use appropriate keywords for each country.

Localize your website

If you’re promoting your business abroad, your website needs to be localized as well. This involves designing it and programming it for different languages (including English) and currencies ​​and local laws. It also involves creating a mailing list of subscribers in the country you want to target.

Buy Country Code top-level domain name

If you’re in the United States, your website will have ‘.com’ as its top-level domain. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your target country also uses ‘.com’. You’ll need to purchase a ccTLD (country code top-level domain name) for each country.

Build relationships with influencers in your target country

Build relationships with influencers in your target country. Influencers are individuals who have a high social media following and can help promote your business to their fans on their social media pages.

Use local social media

Instead of using the social media platforms that are familiar to you, use those in your target country that way people will find you more easily. You’ll also need to build a following on these sites as well. To do this, you might need to hire a local social media expert.

Develop an email marketing list

In addition to local social media, you also need to be found on an email list in your target country. You can use a paid service that will put people into an opt-in form for each country you’re promoting your business abroad.

Understand local customer service

When promoting your business abroad, it is important to understand the local customer service. Some countries have different laws about serving customers and even how products are shipped and delivered. You need to understand them and be able to serve your customers properly.