How to Prevent Rock Chips From Damaging Your Car’s Paint


Repainting a car is not cheap, especially in this economy. Even a basic paint job could set you back up to $1000 depending on the make and size of your vehicle.

Everywhere you go, there are constant threats to the integrity of your car paint. Keys, a careless driver opening their door, and birds that see your vehicle as a repository for their feces. But don’t forget about this equally common enemy of your vehicle paint job: rock chips.

Rock chips are one of the most common forms of paint damage, but they are not inevitable. Keep reading as we discuss the ways you can protect your vehicle from them.

Protect Your Vehicle from Rock Chips with a Wax Job


Wax jobs used to be huge back in the day, but they have fallen somewhat out of fashion. The thing is though, they are a very effective way to protect your vehicle. A wax job can last several months, and it’s very cheap to pay for it–and cheaper if you do it yourself.

The wax creates a barrier between rock chips and your paint. Any rock chips will bounce off the wax, or stick to it, making it easy to remove them.

Install Paint Protection Film

As a bit of a step up from wax, you can use a paint protection film. This is a great all-purpose way to protect your vehicle from everyday scratches and dings from rock chips. You can find the best xpel car protection here.

It provides more protection than wax and still manages to be a very affordable option. Plus, it’s easy to install and remove.

Be More Cautious While Driving

Rock chips are only a problem for car paint because of other vehicles. In the vast majority of cases, rock chips will hit your car’s body while on the road. They lie in way on the asphalt or the concrete, waiting for a tire to launch them at the next vehicle to follow.

That makes it fairly simple to reduce your risk of rock chip damage by changing your driving habits. For example, avoid following too closely to the vehicle ahead of you. If any rock chips fly up from their wheels, they are less likely to hit your vehicle and will do less damage if they do.

Further, avoid large trucks that have mudflaps and several rows of wheels. These vehicles have a much higher likelihood of pelting you with rock chips. If possible, do not follow these vehicles on the highway, or stay at a distance from them.

Protect Your Vehicle from Rock Chips Today

Rock chips are the bane of any decent paint job, and they are everywhere on the road waiting to ruin your vehicle. Protect your car paint by having a wax job done, or getting paint protection film. At the very least, make the effort to change your driving habits to avoid rock chip damage from other vehicles.

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