How to Play Fantasy Games?


Everyone wants to earn money but what if you will get an opportunity to earn money by playing games. Isn’t that interesting? So, let’s see what are the eggs you need to hatch before you reach a gold mine. Firstly, you need to start playing games on a legal secure platform which will assure you cashback, cash prizes, or bonuses. After that, you need to understand the games or sports that the platform is offering. Apart from this, be sure that your fantasy game app is not a fraud and research on it deeply before you start playing on it.

Features of fantasy gaming app: –

  • Easy download: It is very easy to download the gaming app. You can simply download it by entering your mobile number on which you will receive a download link. By clicking on this link, the game will start downloading on your mobile. After this, you are supposed to install it and then you can play the various fantasy games available. You can log in with the previous credentials if already registered. Otherwise, you can simply register by filling up the required credentials.
  • Safe and secure: If you will download, this app from the official website then the app guarantees safety and security. Another benefit to download from the official website is that it gets scanned with the help of Anti-virus.
  • Watch Live games: The fantasy gaming app also provides you with the facility of watching live gaming matches. It provides you with a complete list of the matches already completed, live, or the upcoming matches. You can easily track the live scores or rankings. You can plan your game according to the previously completed matches scoreboard or final score list. You can also make a list of upcoming matches to enter into then and earn exclusive prizes.
  • Practice & Cash Contest: For a start, it’s always best to practice and then go into the final match with some experience to gain more. In a practice match, you can make as many mistakes as you want which will help you to improve your gaming experience.
  • Private match: There is also a facility in which you can play a private match with your loved ones by sending an invite code.
  • Refer and earn: The best feature of this gaming app is that refer this game to your friends or family members unlimited time and this will help you to earn rewards number of times they (referrals) will play at this app.
  • Instant withdrawal: Unlike, other apps you can withdraw money or your rewards instantly without any delay or conditions. You just have to simply link it with Paytm.
  • Weekly rewards: This online gaming platform ensures daily winnings on completing the weekly tasks. You can earn approximately Rs 100 on this platform.
  • Real-time updates: Along with the facility of watching live matches on this app for free, you can also get real-time updates with the help of which you can strategize your player’s positions. This will help you to earn more and let you easily accomplish your desired earning points.

Registration & Verification: The greatest advantage of signing up with the gaming app is that they provide sign up cash bonuses. And most of the platforms also offer the cash prize on the phone number and email verification.

How to Play?

  • As mentioned above, first of all, you need to register or sign up at the online platform.
  • The next step is the selection of the team only after which you can join the match.
  • After this, you need to select your fantasy team as per the required number of members. This will vary game to game. For example, 11 in the Cricket team, 9 In the Kabaddi team, etc. The team members will be assigned their jobs or positions accordingly. Remember, you have to select the team within the virtual budget of the gems given to you.
  • Now, the crucial decision is to select the star player and the captain as they get 2x points and 1.5x points respectively.
  • You can join a paid pot which costs Rs. 25. You can pay this from the bonus cash given to you.
  • The fantasy team selected by you will start earning the points only after the live match gets commenced. These points will be according to the live performance of the players in the live match.
  • At the end of the match, the final points and winners will be declared after considering all factors.

Selection of players: The no. of players chosen for the fantasy team varies from team to team. For example, in Kabaddi, there can be 2-3 all-rounders which can be chosen according to their previous performances. The defenders can be selected between 3-5. The number of defenders depends upon line up i.e. stronger the line-up, less the defenders, and vice versa. Choose 2-3 raiders of whom at least one must be chosen as a star player or captain. While choosing them always research different teams which will help to get the best talent of different teams in a single team. Choose the star players or captains very wisely as they have maximum points, as mentioned above. For the players, of whose performance you are not sure, mark them as Z-factor which will reduce their point to half the score of the actual match.

This is all about the fantasy role playing games online with which you can earn cash prizes. This is a unique platform where you can use your sports knowledge to make some money and have fun. Apart from this, you can explore or research more on players to earn handsome bonuses or to boost up your chances to win. Focus on tips and tricks to earn more and to stay boosted. Apart from this, you are supposed to play according to the rules and regulations of each game. You can also study the gaming pattern of various games which will help you to understand what’s happening in the game and how is the points being given to each player. At last, it is advised you should practice before playing and research the details of the games.