How to Plan a Stress Free Family Vacation


When you and your family are frequently stuck in a cycle of work, school, and maintaining your various social lives and other obligations, it can become increasingly more difficult to find time to bond together. The chaos of everyday life can really wear on you and make it seem almost impossible to find time to spend together just as a family.

Planning a family vacation is a great way to break this cycle and have a week or two together to bond and enjoy new experiences as a family. That being said, planning such a vacation can also come with its fair share of stress.

Ensuring everyone is happy with the type of vacation you have in mind and that you are all packed and ready to go can make you feel just as overwhelmed as your day job. Unfortunately, getting caught up in the stress of planning can take away from the fun that you had intended for you and your family.

Instead of getting caught up in the stress, consider these tips for a less stressful family vacation. With the right amount of preparation and by keeping a few key points in mind, you and your family can be well on your way to enjoying a stress-free family vacation together.


Cut Down on Airport Time

By and large, the most stressful aspect involved in taking your family on vacation is being at the airport. From the long lines at check-in and security to the long hours of waiting for a connection, being at the airport can put a real damper on your vacation before it even gets started.

Save yourself the stress and cut down on the amount of time that you and your family spend at the airport altogether. By reserving a parking spot online ahead of time with, for example, you can avoid having to spend ages driving around looking for the perfect parking spot. You can simply drive up, park, and head into the terminal.

Other ways to cut down on airport time include checking in for your flight online, packing only carry-on luggage, and registering for TSA precheck.

Choose the Right Destination

When it comes to vacation destinations, an ideal location for adults is often quite different from one for kids. While you want to ensure that you and your partner will be able to get some much-needed rest and relaxation on your vacation, you also want to pick a place that has plenty of fun and activities in store for kids.

While it never hurts to seek suggestions from everyone in the family to see what they would prefer, you might have better luck researching on your own. By finding a family vacation destination with something in store for everyone, you can ensure that you will receive very little pushback on your selection. Just make sure to bear in mind the ages of everyone coming on the trip so you can pick the most appropriate destination.