How to Make Sure You Keep Morale High in Your Small Manufacturing Business


Employee morale can affect so many areas of a business that it can seem untrue. If you are a boss that spends little time amongst your workers, you are likely unaware of the level that morale is at in your business.

For instance, workers with high morale are likely to have a higher production rate, less time away from their bench, and be willing to go that extra mile for your business. Not only this, but they will be happy in their work and take pride in what they are doing.

A workforce with low morale will have a quick turnover of employees, production will be slow and stressful, workers will be anything but happy, and will take a lot of time off. However, this can be reversible with a few quick and easy steps.

#1 Invest in Training Your Employees

You can invest in your employees by training them. This can make them feel worthwhile and that you are taking an interest in them. Of course, this will also benefit your business in leaps and bounds as knowledgeable employees will work better, cause less rework or rejects, and be able to spot when issues are on the horizon as far as workload or production issues are concerned.


#2 Provide Incentives for Your Employees to Do Well

You can provide your employees with incentives to encourage them to do well, hit targets, or provide useful insights into procedures or time-saving practices within your business. These incentives can be anything from a general verbal thank you to a bottle of bubbly, a small thank you hamper, or even a gift card. When dealing with team incentives, there is always the possibility of presenting them with company swag items or an extended lunch break or finishing early on one particular day.

#3 Supply Top-Grade Materials for Your Products

You would be surprised at how you can increase the morale within your business. For instance, providing your employees with top-grade materials, such as polymer from, to work with can make their jobs easier and more enjoyable. The work goes well and as expected with less downtime and few distractions.For instance, when you get into a rhythm or the flow of a job, it becomes like second nature.

However, when working with poor-quality materials, there are often issues that mean that this rhythm or flow is being constantly interrupted slowing the process right down to a minimum,adding frustration, as well as increasing work for the operator in question and those around them. This is even more profound when the operator with the problem is working in the middle of a flowline and the chain of supply breaks down.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are ways and means whereby you can influence the morale your workers have for your business and the time that they spend there. Making a special effort on your part to increase the morale of your workers will result in spectacular changes in your business. However, it is important to note that it may not happen overnight.