How to Land a Job Interview: Resume Dos and Don’ts in 2022

Job Interview

When you apply for a job, your resume ends up in a pile with hundreds of others vying for the position. How do you ensure the hiring coordinator looks at your resume for more than five seconds?

Your resume is the first thing a potential employer will see, so it’s crucial to make a powerful first impression. If your resume is too dull, bold, complicated, or simple, it can wind up in the trash.

If you’re not sure how to land a job interview, keep reading for some of the best resume tips to help you get your dream job.

Do: Be Bold

Though you don’t want to emulate Elle Woods’ bright pink resume, adding a few pops of color or bold accents can help your resume stand out. Luckily, a free resume builder can take the guesswork out of creating your work summary.

In general, you’ll want to stick to black and white for the majority of your page. However, adding a tertiary color can help give your resume an edge. Choosing a job resume template with calm colors like blue or green can add a creative yet professional touch.

Don’t: Use Crazy Fonts

If you want to stand out, it may seem like a no-brainer to use the Old English Text MT font to type out your resume. This, however, almost guarantees that your resume will become recycling.

Using clear and easy-to-read fonts ensures that your prior work experience, skills, and accomplishments are the main focus of your resume. The hiring coordinator shouldn’t have to strain their eyes in order to read your work history!

Do: Add Relevant Keywords

Resumes are filled with information, and it can be difficult for hiring coordinators to narrow down their choices. Often, they will scan over the text, setting aside those that include keywords that apply to the job.

One of the best resume tips to help you stand out is to add keywords found in the job description posting. Though you don’t want to copy and paste, sprinkling in specific can help you stand out.

Don’t: Include Irrelevant Information

While your high school babysitting gig may have landed you your part-time job at Dairy Queen, when you apply for a professional position, you can omit any irrelevant work experience.

If you think a job is irrelevant, you may want to leave it off your resume. On the flip side, if leaving the job out creates a questionable gap in your work experience, it may be better to include it when you write a resume.

How to Land a Job Interview: Create the Ultimate Resume

Whether you utilize a free resume template or create your own, this is one of the most crucial steps when trying to achieve your dream position.

Remember, you’ll want to research the company before you apply. This can offer you insight into the overall tone of the business.

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