How to Increase Curb Appeal: 7 Great Tips


First impressions do matter. This is true for houses. As a homeowner, you want your house to stand above the rest.

You should seek to increase your house’s curb appeal. Doing so can help add more value to your home so you can get a higher ROI if you plan to sell.

The most beautiful homes have features that’ll make people stop and look twice. It isn’t hard to do, but you must know how to increase curb appeal.

Read on to learn about seven great tips that’ll help you make your home the envy of the entire neighborhood.


1. Replace Old Hardware 

The first thing you must do is replace all the old hardware you see. Focus on changing broken and outdated hardware that is making your home look rundown. Just because your home was built in the 70s doesn’t mean you should still have hardware from that decade.

Start by replacing the house numbers. You don’t want to have missing numbers or numbers that are falling down. Go with a style that’s fresh and modern.

It’s also a good idea to change the door hardware. There’s no need to have a rusty and dirty doorknob. The same also applies to the door knocker.

If the door needs replacing, you should go ahead and buy a new one. Check out this page on composite door installation. You’ll find several great options there.

Don’t forget about the light fixtures. Replace those dingy ones. There are options for all different styles.

2. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A little paint can go a long way, as it can make the exterior of your house look anew. Pick the right color to go with the front of the house. You want guests to feel welcomed and at home.

Before you start to paint, you should clean off dirty areas. Pressure washing is one of the best ways to remove stuck-on dirt. Once you’re done, you can paint away.

3. Replace Your Mailbox

Upgrade your mailbox, especially if it looks like it’s going to topple over any second now. Your new mailbox should complement your home. It should also express your personality.

You can replace your current mailbox with a traditional post mound. This type of mailbox comes in various colors and materials. You can pick from plastic, metal, or wood.

A column mount mailbox is another great option. The antique and Victorian styles are two popular design styles.

4. Do a Thorough Cleaning

When you walk around your neighborhood, you notice all the beautiful homes. What do all these homes have in common? These homes are super clean.

A cleaning session can do wonders for the exterior. Hose the down the walls, the door, and the porch. Clean your way toward the edge of the driveway.

Do a power wash on the driveway if it’s stained. Repair any cracks that are present. Consider dressing up the driveway by staining the concrete.

Once you finish up with the driveway, you can move on to the sidewalk. Remove any trash you find. Do the same with the old leaves.

5. Add Outdoor Art

Another tip on how to increase curb appeal calls for you to add outdoor art. There’s no point in having a boring porch or walkway. You can make it come to life by adding a sculpture.

Not a fan of sculptures? You can install a birdbath or add wind chimes.

Think about adding art that matches the environment. If you like animals, you can add colorful butterfly art or install ladybugs on your walls.

6. It’s Time to Go Green

You can add curb appeal by going green. Increasing home value isn’t the only benefit you can derive from this. It’ll help breathe some life into your space.

Add native plants to your front yard. These plants offer several benefits. They’re also easier to maintain so that means having to use less water.

If you find that planting is hard for you, you can add potted plants. You can group them together on either side of the walkway. These plants can still make a big statement for your curb appeal.

One of the best curb appeal ideas calls for adding a garden. The best gardens are full of layers and have a balance. Your garden should have a mix of plants of different heights and textures.

Plant colorful flowers. Try adding flower boxes. These boxes are affordable, so there’s no need to break the bank.

Go with plants that add contrast and color. Whatever features you choose to go with, they should frame your home rather than obscure it.

7. Install Outdoor Lighting

Adding permanent outdoor lighting from Blingle! Omaha can make a major impact on your home’s curb appeal. Think about it as part of one of the home improvements you must make to provide safety and security.

You want your guests to have a path that lights up as they make their way up your front door. Low-voltage landscape lighting is a great option. You can also add lighting to trees that will turn on as the sun goes down.

If you want to do your part to help the environment, you can use solar-powered spotlights. These are perfect for gardens, as they can fit in through the plants.

Use These Seven Tips to Learn How to Increase Curb Appeal

Now that you know how to increase curb appeal, you can make changes to improve your home exterior. Follow these seven curb appeal tips to add value to your house. This is the best thing you can do to give some much-needed TLC to your house.

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