A Simple Guide on How To Get Free Iphones With Food Stamps


Almost a maximum of the young generation has that dream of buying an iPhone for them. Nowadays, the young generation is much more fascinated by using advanced technology and features. And currently, in the market, the most advanced and top features based mobile phone is iPhones. But due to the lack of money, people cannot afford the phone for themselves. However, it is possible to get an iphone by using some tricks and strategies. To get a free iPhones with food stamps, you need to know about the criteria first.

There are so many important documents that are also required to get a free iPhones with food stamps. Apart from all of these things, before applying for a free iPhone with a link card, one needs to go through the online application process. Therefore, it will be easier for the users to know how they can get the phone with the stamp if they know all of the tricks and strategies.

Therefore today, with the help of this article, we are going to be mostly covered the important information regarding the eligibility criteria, documents, and application process to get the iPhone immediately. Let’s find out all of the individual information one by one in detail.

What is the eligibility to get a free iPhone with food stamps?

In fact, a huge selection of people is already very much excited to find out what are the eligibility criteria to get the phone for them. And as we all know that there are so many food service providers who are considering people with low income and householders to provide the iPhone. Therefore people are already qualified for those who have low income and households to get the iPhone.


Showing valid proof of their low income and program participation they can get the phone immediately for them. However, during the application, the users or the person need to have the Affordable connectivity program document to the provider. At the same time, you need to also keep your mind. If you are getting the iPhone for yourself from the lifeline provider, then there are some differences from the affordable connectivity program.

It mainly depends on three major factors that will help all of the customers to get the free iPhone for themselves from the lifeline provider. The users can get for themselves based on their income or Salary. And on the other side, the users can also get the phone for themselves simply Based on the program participation. In fact, based on the depended is another way to get it.

Eligibility criteria to get free iPhones with food stamps

At the same time, there are a few eligibility criteria that all the customers need to fulfill before getting the iPhones for themselves. And here are the eligibility criteria to follow.

  • According to the federal poverty guidelines, people who have an income less than 200% or Equal to the 200 % are eligible for the phone.
  • People who benefit from food stamp companies or any other associations can get the opportunity immediately.
  • In fact, the students are also eligible if they have received a federal pell grant from their current institution or academic year.

Documents you need to get free iPhones with food stamps

Apart from all of this important information, there are also some documents required to get the free iPhones. And before applying to bring o get the iPhone for yourself, you need to have all the documents in your hands. Let’s find out all of the essential documents that are required to get the item.

  • To get the iPhone immediately, all of the users need to have a verification letter from a food stamp or any other assistance program.
  • People must have the pension statement of benefit with themselves as proof.
  • At the same time, people must have that child support award document with them.
  • Not only that, people must have an annual tax return copy or the federal or state tax return copy.
  • People must have a passport or US Green Card to prove their name is a document.
  • And lastly, people must have to show their Birth Certificate to prove the date of birth.

The application process to get free iPhones with food stamps

Subsequently, to get the iPhone and food stamps, there are multiple ways available. And if you are interested to find out the ways to get the iPhones immediately, then here we are mentioning all of the names of the ways in detail.

1. Select your desired service provider

As we have already discussed is that people can get a free iPhone from a lifeline or affordable connectivity program. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for people to choose any one of their desired service providers. And from there, they can receive the iPhone with a stamp very quickly without facing any complications.

2. Fill out an application form

After choosing a selected company for yourself, you will have to visit their official website, and there will be an application form. By selecting the application form and by providing all the details correctly, you can start the application process for yourself. In fact, you will also have to provide your contact number, email address, present address, and other important information related to you.

3. Get Approved

And after submitting the application form to the mentioned address, you need to wait for a few hours or a few days to get your application approved. And once your application gets approved by the service provider or from the official website, you will be eligible to get the iPhone for yourself. There is the application process that you need to follow step by step before applying for the free iPhone for yourself at your door.


Therefore, these are the most important and basic guidance on how to get a free iPhones with food stamps. If you follow all of the above-mentioned things correctly, then any time you can get an iphone for yourself with ease.