How To Enjoy Your Office Space More


Enjoying your work is important, but have you ever stopped to think that it’s just as vital to enjoy your workspace? It’s true. The more we like the physical place in which we work, the more productive we can be, which leads to enjoying our jobs more, and so it goes on. With that in mind, here are some ways to make sure you enjoy your office space more so you can be as productive as possible.

Don’t Work From Home

It might sound strange to see a point that tells you not to work from home if you want to enjoy your office space more, but there is certainly something to be said for this. Although it has been established that remote working is better for productivity and happiness, that’s not going to be quite right for everyone. For some people, working from home is uncomfortable and distracting, or even that it leads to burnout as people work longer and take less breaks.

If you are one of these many people, don’t work from home at all. Either find an office space for yourself or find a job that has one you can use. Start by checking out businesses such as The Workplace Company to see what types of spaces are available and where.This can help hugely in terms of liking the place you work in.


Add Some Greenery

Whether you work from home or not, adding some greenery to your office space is a lovely idea that can make it feel a lot more comfortable right away. Plants make a place feel fresher and cleaner, and gives the entire space a sense of life. They’re interesting to look at, and as a bonus, they purify the air. This means that you’ll feel healthier and more alert – and more productive.

You don’t have to be an expert in tending plants to enjoy them in your office as there are many that are very easy to care for; succulents make an excellent choice as they don’t need much attention at all.

Hang Inspiring Artwork

Plain, blank walls are not inspiring and probably won’t be too conducive to being productive and enjoying the place in which you work. If you do find yourself staring at nothing on the walls, take the opportunity to hang some inspiring artwork instead. In this way, you’ll at least be looking at something interesting.

If the art says something to you, perhaps literally in the form of an inspirational quote, it might be that you can use this as a way to boost your performance. Just don’t choose anything that is too distracting, or the opposite might happen, and you could find that you don’t do as much work as you should because you keep looking at the images on your wall.

Have Good Furniture

Finally, it’s crucial that you are physically comfortable in your workspace. Your desk and chair should be ergonomically designed, and you must use a footrest and wrist wrests if you need them.

Not only should the furniture feel comfortable, but it should look good too. Luckily, these days functional furniture is designed with beauty in mind, so this is not a hard thing to find.