How To Create The Perfect Teenager Bedroom


If you have a teenager in the house, you may be mourning the loss of the ‘little room’ that housed teddies and toys along with nightlights and car mats. As kids get older and mature, their tastes change dramatically, which means parents should be armed and ready to tackle the ‘teenage room’ and embrace this transition stage. What should a teenage room look like?

Furniture and Décor

For a teenage boy, having his own unique space is important and can provide a space to relax and feel secure during a time of change in his life.  It’s wise to ask him how he would like his room decorated and ask for color ideas and preferred styles.

He may not know what he wants, so spend some time looking through magazines or online to get some inspiration. Give him the freedom to choose to help encourage independence and discover his identity. Maybe you could experiment a little before making the final decision. It’s important to guide him and make sure there is a practical space so they can complete their school/college work.


Many teenage boys enjoy gaming so they might like some special elements like a gaming desk or funky accessories.  For times when he has mates around, you could invest in some bean bag chairs that are great for sitting in comfort during gaming sessions or movie nights.

Teenage girls need privacy,  and creating a space where that they can enjoy and have friends over is important. Girls tend to mature faster than boys and may appreciate grown-up décor and furnishings. Ditching the single or cabin bed in favor of a double will help girls get a sense of independence and start the entrance into adulthood.

Girls love photos to remind them of fun memories, so find a way to create a feature wall to display their favorite photos and happy times.

Day beds are a great addition for girls if the space is small. When friends come round, they can sit together like they’re on a sofa and transform it for sleeping at night. A small modern desk will provide somewhere to study. Add cushions, chandeliers, and draping curtains for a touch of glamour that they will be proud to entertain their friends in.


Good lighting can change the ambiance in any room. For boys, LED lights that complement their setup will impress their friends and make them proud. Allow them to express themselves and create displays of sporting success or achievements. Feature walls that show their interests and hobbies, such as music or sports are popular in the teenager’s bedroom and contribute to a developing sense of identity.

For girls trying out mood lighting can make the space changeable. LED remote control lights can be used to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere during rest periods or can be used to enhance a party with the girls for fun times. Some modern lights are voice-activated, which are great for gadget lovers.

Home decorating is a fun pastime, especially for young people as they grow and enjoy their own space to feel secure and happy.