How to Create a Lawn Treatment Schedule


If you’re like most homeowners, your lawn means a lot to you. Maintaining an attractive and lush lawn is an excellent way to increase the value of your home.

Believe it or not, the first impression of your lawn often happens long before anyone even steps foot on it. A well-maintained property can add aesthetic value and curb appeal to any home.

Yet, for all its benefits, lawn maintenance only happens after some time. To keep your lawn looking great, you must set it up for success. One way of doing this is to create a lawn treatment schedule to give your lawn the attention it needs.

Want to learn how to create the perfect lawn treatment schedule for your home? If so, then keep reading for our top lawn treatment tips.


Estimate Lawn Size and Needs

Estimating the size of a lawn and its needs is an important step for creating an effective lawn treatment schedule. This initial assessment should make a note of the size of the lawn and any special considerations.

It includes shade or sun exposure, the types of grass, weeds, and other plant life present, and any other relevant lawn features. Once you estimate the size and needs of the lawn, you can use this information to create a lawn treatment schedule tailored to the specific conditions present.

Choose Appropriate Products and Equipment

A continual lawn treatment schedule is essential for a healthy lawn. Choose the appropriate products and equipment. It ensures you meet the lawn’s needs.

Depending on the season and condition of the lawn, a suitable product may be a preemergent herbicide, fertilizer, or seed. The equipment can also range from mowers, edge trimmers, and spreaders to more exotic tools, such as aerators and dethatchers. Research to ensure the lawn products and tools suit the environment and task.

Design an Efficient Mowing Pattern

Designing an efficient lawn mowing pattern is important in creating a lawn treatment schedule. For best results, mow in different directions each time to prevent rutting and scalping. Start by going around the perimeter at the yard’s edge and trimming it outward with the pattern going away from the house to the curb.

Next, mow in straight lines parallel and perpendicular to the house. It will achieve consecutive lines and trim the entire yard in rows. Finally, mow the lawn in a crisscross pattern back to the starting direction to even out the cut grass.

Hire a Professional Lawn Maintenance Service

Hiring a professional lawn maintenance service is the best way to create a lawn treatment schedule. It will keep your lawn in great condition all year long.

Professional lawn maintenance services provide a wide variety of services. It includes mowing, edging, aeration, sod replacement, weed, pest control, etc.

Your lawn will receive regular, thorough care and attention with these services. You will have peace of mind knowing your yard is being cared for.

A professional lawn maintenance service will also devise a custom lawn treatment schedule for your property to maximize your lawn’s health and beauty. Check out if you want a professional lawn maintenance service.

Create a Lawn Treatment Schedule Today

To help keep a well-maintained lawn, creating a lawn treatment schedule is essential. Following the steps above will help make the perfect lawn careĀ scheduleĀ for a beautiful and healthy lawn year-round. You can do an annual review and tune-up of the schedule.