How to Choose the Best Roof Color That Compliments Your Home


Did you know that in 2020, the worldwide roofing market was worth $102.4 billion?

When choosing a roof color for your home, one thing you must consider is its surroundings. Why? Well, whichever color you choose will become more intense or blue when surrounded by nature.

Meanwhile, looking at city colors reduces the amount of blue reflected off the roof and makes it look browner.

Indeed one color affects the color of your home more than the other. We’re here to tell you more, so read on to find out.


Analyzing Your Building Exterior’s Color Scheme

You should consider the effects that the roof color can have. Keep in mind that the roof isn’t just functional but also adds to the visuals of the house and can make or break the entire facade. Your focus should be on choosing the best roof color that complements the home’s existing colors and overall architecture.

You can find roofing companies that have advanced home improvement technology that will allow you to see future changes on your roof including the design and color. Mighty Dog Roofing in Greenville has this technology and will allow you to customize your home’s exterior design. And best of all is that the before and after images of your home can be viewed using your mobile devices.

You may also look at the roof color of nearby buildings and see what works best. The roof color should never be darker than the siding of your home. You should always stand out from the other colors to create contrast and add visual interest.

Consider the Overall Color Profile

The most crucial factor to consider is the overall color profile. Look at all the colors of your home’s exterior, from the siding, the shutters and trim, the window frames, and any accompanying structures. Think about the colors that accentuate each other and the colors that appear in the landscape around your home.

Matching your roof color to one of these shades or using a complementing hue can tie the look together. Avoid harsh contrasts, such as light colors on dark homes and vice versa, to highlight the right features of your home.

Similarly, consider how much sunlight the area gets and your climate, as certain colors can be more prone to fading over time.

Taking into Local Regulations

Take into any local regulations that may be in place in your area. For example, roof colors must be specific in some areas to ensure a consistent and uniform look.

Additionally, local regulations may limit the number of colors used on your roof. That being said, once you have established what the local regulations allow, choosing the right roof color that complements your home can become more accessible.

Consider things like the color of your house, the landscaping, and the style and shape of the roof. Aesthetics should also be taken into account. You may want to use a darker-colored roof to balance it.

On the other hand, if your house is in a neutral tone, then a vivid color for your roof can add a much-needed touch of personality. If you are looking for the best color for the roof, consider roof repair fishers.  They can help you improve and fix your roof.

Understanding Roof Color

A strong roof color choice should enhance the look of your home and protect it from the elements for years. A standing-seam metal roof is an excellent choice for a long-lasting and beautiful finish. Check the aesthetic of the surrounding environment and consult a professional to determine the best color to create a cohesive look.

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