How To Choose A PPC Management Agency for Business Growth?



PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a form of advertising which enables the marketers to reach a highly targeted audience. It works by charging a fee to the marketer each time a user clicks on a PPC advertisement that the marketer currently has active. Among some popular PPC publishers are Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

PPC is quite the popular industry, with many organizations setting out separate budgets for paid search marketing – all because it does generate favorable results when used effectively. In a study conducted by Creative Website Marketing, it was found that Google Ads fetched a return on investment of 200% in PPC campaigns.

If your business needs to increase revenue and drive conversions, Pay Per Click Management Company can help.

Pay per click campaigns can be initiated by anyone. However, they are better executed by professional PPC management services. These professionals know the tips and tricks, and can help you drive the best results from your PPC campaign. Let’s now look at how to choose the right PPC management agency for marketing.


7 Qualities to Look for When Choosing a PPC Agency

Not too long ago, Statista estimated that companies will have invested an amount in excess of $200 million in paid advertising. When selecting a PPC agency, look for the following qualities, to ensure the best returns from your investment.

Data, Analytics, and Results

Not enough emphasis can be laid on the importance of these three aspects of any PPC campaign. Any good PPC agency would understand this without being told. Knowing where your money is going, how much every dollar is earning in ads, which ads are working, and which need a rework – all these insights can be derived from data analytics and results. If your PPC agency isn’t keen on doing this, it is probably time to search again.

Own Database, Historical Trends

A good PPC agency would have its own database of information regarding PPC campaign performance and trends relating to your industry or similar businesses. The professionals would be able to make weighted suggestions based on historical ad trends, and give estimates about anticipated results from PPC campaigns. These agencies value their data, and only partner with reliable first-hand data sources. Find out if the agency you have your eyes on does that too.

Local SEO Capability

The importance of optimizing a business’s online profile for local searches cannot be overlooked anymore, especially when 1/3rd of online consumers are searching for local businesses online, according to Statista. Ensure that the PPC agency you select knows the drill of optimizing your Google Business Profile for local search, and also works to optimize the NAP attributes everywhere. It is essential to tap into local searches for PPC campaigns.

Optimization for Mobile

It is a well-known fact today that mobile has become the first digital device to access the internet today. 70% of all paid impressions today, according to Digital Third Coast, happen through mobile devices. Professional PPC agencies that know the drill prioritize optimizing your digital presence for mobiles, whether it be your website or a PPC campaign. Check if their scope includes optimization for mobile.

Targeting the Right PPC Channels

PPC agencies need to be able to not just run PPC campaigns for you, but also guide you on the channels for paid campaigns that can bring you better results. For example, targeting Instagram for paid ads if yours is a beauty company makes total sense – the gender share of that app is nearly half-half. Additionally, nearly 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day. The agency should be able to coach you on where to place your paid ads.

Keyword Research Skills

Any marketing agency that downplays the importance of keyword research and its role in PPC is an agency to steer clear of. PPC, too, employs keywords; and when the paid ad campaign is highly targeted and result oriented, researching for the right keywords becomes pivotal in defining how the campaign will yield. A good PPC agency understands this and acts on it accordingly. In fact, this would be one of the first steps they do for PPC – find the right words.

Knowledge of All Things Digital Marketing

In the end, PPC is still a part of a bigger whole – Digital Marketing. The PPC agency you are looking at should understand the collation and correlation between PPC and other aspects of digital marketing. It should be able to put everything into context and create a big picture of the whole deal before releasing siloed micro-campaigns. If they are really good, they may even suggest improvements to other parts of your digital marketing campaigns, enabling you to synchronize everything better.


Pay per click is a genuinely effective way to get more traffic to your website. With that said, it is important to leverage it the right way, on the right channels, and target the right people in order to see real results that mean something. Thoroughly screen the shortlisted agencies based on this guideline to make a good selection.