How to Assess the Value of an Outsourced IT Support Partner


Technology is critical to a business’s growth, especially in the age of social media and Internet marketing. No matter how big or small your business, you probably see the need for outsourced IT support to run as smoothly as possible.

But how do you find the right partner to support your business? You want a partner that is reliable and makes sense financially while also managing the IT aspects and the business as a whole.

Here’s what to remember when picking your company’s IT support partner.

Understand Credentials & Certifications


Ensuring the provider has certified staff with the right skills, expertise in handling your company’s IT needs is essential. You should seek professional certification in specific IT areas. It includes certifications from Cisco and Microsoft.

\These certifications ensure that the provider has a pedigree in managing IT support. They should have the technical knowledge and experience to fulfill roles competently.

Confidentiality and Security

It is essential to scrutinize the partner’s processes and policies. The provider should have standardized practices for securing data and restricting IT systems and information access.

It may involve policies related to employee background checks: data encryption, and authentication procedures. Consider potential implications for data breaches and privacy rules.

Check the provider’s track record. Investigate customer references for service quality and responsiveness.

Research Expertise & Experience

Consider the expertise and experience of the organization. It is critical to assess the type of business IT services the partner provides. Check the number of years they have been performing the services.

Review the partner’s client list. It will give you understanding on the size of organizations.

You should check the partner’s portfolio. It will help evaluate their work quality, success rate, and customer feedback.

Evaluate the Cost

Consider the most immediate and long-term financial resources associated with the partnership. Firstly, consider the cost of providing the IT services to the new customer.

Are there existing contracts and discounts in place with the new corporate customer? Are existing evaluation structures in place?

Also, determine any associated operational costs. It includes salaries, office equipment, and hardware needs.

Analyzing Support Systems Structure

When assessing the value of an outsourced IT support partner, a key factor to examine is the structure of the support system. A good measure of this is analyzing the reliability and predictability of the system.

Can they provide quality service while adhering to deadlines and meeting expectations? Additionally, look at the various customer service options available. Are there multiple options, such as phone, email, chat, etc., that you can use to contact an IT professional?

Assess Your Outsourced IT Support 

In conclusion, assessing the value of an outsourced IT Support Partner is an essential step in building a successful partnership. Keeping track of the metrics discussed in this article will provide a good indication of the value a partner contributes to your organization. Contact an IT expert today to learn more about the right partner for your business.

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