How Reliable Are BMWs? 8 Things You Need to Know


Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for yourself or your child, you want to ensure that it’s reliable and safe on the roads.

No matter how much driving and training a person has, accidents still happen and if you don’t have the right car, it could cost you. BMWs are built with durable materials and safety features that will give you comfort on any road.

Keep reading to learn about how reliable are BMWs so you can see if they’d work for you!

1. They Hold Up to Their Reputation 


For a long time, BMWs have been rated among the top ten safest vehicles.

BMW has a strong reputation, they create reliable vehicles with the latest safety features. Each year, new models display the latest features that continue to advance their reputation. BMWs are driving all across the world because they have an excellent reputation in every country that sells them.

Aside from their high performance, BMWs also get a reputation for looking good on the road. These vehicles have a luxurious feel, but they are also considered to be sports cars.

2. Passengers Are Safe

Although some accidents can be fatal, no matter the vehicles involved, BMWs tend to provide more safety to passengers.

The body of the vehicle is made up of steel components that reinforce the floor and door areas. This means that if you get hit by another car, these spots can handle the impact. Rear-end collisions typically don’t total BMWs since the frames are well-built and durable.

Blind-spot detection, cameras, and other features can also increase driver and passenger safety.

3. BMW Isn’t Afraid of Innovative Tech 

Undoubtedly, technology has improved vehicles and made them safer for everyone on the road.

Depending on the BMWs for sale, you can get the latest tech installed and have fewer worries on the road. Self-parking, cameras, and buttons work flawlessly and the touchscreens are quick.

Innovative technology helps make these vehicles more reliable since it has efficient equipment. Older vehicles tend to guzzle gas, increase carbon emissions,  and have more blind spots. You’ll feel comfortable driving in a BMW, they’re the most reliable cars on that road, and they still look stylish!

4. Maintenance Will Lead To Longevity

BMWs are known to last up to 250,000 miles or more, but only if they get routine maintenance.

Skipping oil changes and letting your car collect dust under the sun could shorten its lifespan. If you regularly wash and get your vehicle inspected by a technician, you should have a BMW for a while. These vehicles are worth the price when you consider how many years you’ll have to drive them.

Although you may have to pay a little more on maintenance fees, you can trust that you’re driving a reliable car.

5. Smaller Risk of Problems

If you’re still wondering are BMWs reliable— you can take comfort in the statistics.

Although they still have occasional problems, they rate above the industry average. With 184 problems per 100 vehicles, you can take comfort in knowing your vehicle is better than most.

In the past, certain models had a lot of mechanical problems, but the company quickly took action. The BMW X5 has the worst rating, but if you look outside of this car, you should lower your risk of problems under the hood.

Before you start looking for BMWs for sale, check their car history report and common problems.

6. Engineering Is Efficient 

German engineers, especially in the auto industry, know that an efficient, and clean system below the hood is best.

It may look basic under the hood, but these engineers have figured out how to power a luxury vehicle with high-performance speeds. BMWs are premium vehicles, the brand has been creating engines since the early 1900s and continues to set the pace in 2023.

The straight-six engines have a rich history with BMW, and they are still used today. Manufacturers, however, are starting to switch to a V6 layout. There is also a V8 and 4.0 engine that you can order through manufacturers.

7. User-Friendly Design

Some people are investing in new vehicles, only to discover they don’t know how to utilize them.

Innovative designs and features have made car shopping a complex process. When you shop with BMW, you can rely on them to make the vehicle user-friendly and safe. Drivers and passengers can easily identify things under the hood and engage with the touchscreen radio.

If you want the Most Reliable BMW Models, check out this guide and discover your options.

Poorly designed systems cause more issues. It’s not uncommon for drivers to pour the wrong liquid into the engine, thinking it was a washer-fluid tank. Everything on BMWs is easy to understand and in a practical location.

8. They Have Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

BMW has an excellent reputation for its vehicles, but also for its efforts toward going green.

In 2023, BMW predicted that more than 10 million fully electric vehicles would be sold to the public. This is a bold push by the German company to encourage people from around the world to cut their carbon emissions and help protect the planet.

Since electric charging stations are more available in the United States, people can confidently buy one. These are reliable vehicles that you won’t feel guilty about driving around in.

How Reliable Are BMWs Going to Be? 

It’s hard to predict the future of a vehicle brand, but with a strong reputation and history, BMW doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

Learning about how reliable are BMWs can help you make a confident decision when you go to purchase your next vehicle. With safety features, tech, and powerful engines, you can buckle up and trust that you’ll make it to your destination.

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