How Online Games have Become a Social Touchpoint


From its very inception, the world of gaming has been in constant change. What may seem strange to many, is that based on the human condition, or need to be social, gaming has evolved from a singular arcade and console activity to one that is shared and social. It’s no longer just about the game or even the interactions in the game, it’s more about the people that we meet and game with. Online gaming has indeed taken gaming to a whole new level and then just kept on going,making gaming more of a social touchpoint than ever before. Why?

Gaming is Social Interaction

At a time of social distance, gaming filled the gap and is able to continue to do this on an ongoing basis. Gaming has become a means of social interaction across the globe and across the age and gender spectrum. Providing people with a sense of belonging as well as increased confidence and lower levels of loneliness.The once debated social benefits of gaming have been proven as fact, and the more gamers join online tribes, the more interaction will occur. Animal crossing connect codes are shared, and multiplayer modes allow for social networks to be built around these multiplayer online games. The whole point of playing now becomes the social interaction that exists in these online spaces.

Increase in Variety

There has been a huge increase in the variety of games available. Games that have been specifically developed for children and learning a variety of skills and subjects are now readily available and accepted to help and improve learning. As well as this, the usual first-person shooter, adventure, and movie-related games and then adult games online, from casino and slots to fantasy sports are also available. Be sure that if you’re playing these games, you’ve looked for the free spins no deposit required versions.

Online Gaming is the New social media

Live game streaming on various platforms other than social media-specific platforms has effectively changed how gamers share. Gone are the days where gamers needed to post to Facebook or even YouTube, and the game itself has become the social platform. The platform is obviously game-specific, and this is what works for most of the die-hard gamers out there. It’s chat, but it’s chat associated with the game that they love to play.


Advancements in Tech make for seamless gaming and chatting

The technology/cloud space has meant that it is possible to game and chat seamlessly. Gamers are now able to meet up in massively multiplayer games that can only be hosted in the Cloud. VR and AR are making the games more tangible for some, thus serving to further increase the numbers of people paying.

Online gaming has changed forever. The growth and spread thereof has made it the perfect space and place for people to share and interact. The computer game was always meant to be a social undertaking, and it is definitely a misnomer to think that gamers are loners. They’re some of the most communicative and interactive people there are, as proven by the meteoric rise of gaming for social interaction.