How Often Should You Get Industrial Equipment Repair?


There’s nothing like having a piece of industrial machinery that’s broken to disrupt your schedule. So how often should you get industrial equipment repair?

The answer to that question depends on varying factors. But take note that if you maintain it correctly and run service intervals where applicable, you’ll need to have it repaired less often.

Hopefully, our guide can answer your question; keep reading to find out more.

When Doing Regular Preventive Maintenance


When doing regular preventive maintenance on industrial equipment, it is important to stay on top of repairs. Depending on the type of industrial equipment, and the environment it is being used in, it is recommended to do a general inspection of the equipment at least once a month.

If the equipment is being used in a more hazardous environment, such as a chemical production facility, more frequent inspections and repairs should be done. You can do this perhaps every two to four weeks. If there are any issues with a piece of industrial equipment, it is best to address them immediately. This is because it can lead to further, more expensive repairs if left unchecked.

Following Manufacturer’s Recommendations

We all know that following the manufacturer’s recommendations is key. On average, the manufacturer will have outlined a list of:

  • maintenance
  • repair
  • safety checks

All of which are necessary to keep your equipment running at peak efficiency. Depending on the type of equipment and its purpose, these check-ups could vary from once a month to once a year. For the best longevity and performance from your industrial equipment, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended repairs and maintenance schedule.

Depending on Usage Intensity

Depending on the usage intensity, industrial equipment repair should be done on a regular basis to ensure proper and safe function. If the equipment is being used frequently, a routine maintenance schedule should be set up that includes:

  • regular inspections
  • part replacements
  • repairs

If an issue is found, it can be addressed before it leads to a major breakdown. If the equipment needs replacement equipment parts such as valves and more, the best course of action is to get them replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the machinery. Make sure to source it from a reliable manufacturer like this valve company to avoid damaging your equipment.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive maintenance for industrial equipment means getting repairs as needed. This can vary depending on the:

  • type of equipment
  • how well it is maintained
  • type of environment it is used in

Additionally, if any problems do occur, having the equipment serviced and repaired as soon as possible can help to avoid further damage from occurring. Any instance of reactive maintenance for failed equipment should also still be based upon the recommendations of the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any further issues.

Industrial Equipment Repair is Necessary

Getting your industrial equipment regularly serviced to ensure the best performance and safety is essential. We suggest speaking with an expert to ensure the best service and maintenance for your equipment.

Business owners can contact our experienced team of professionals to schedule industrial equipment repair. Request your service today!