How Can Mobile Operators Benefit by Offering QoS

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The number of cellular IoT connections will reach five billion by the end of 2025, from 1.3 billion by the end of 2019.

Many of these subscribers will rely on high speed network connectivity to perform various operations across sectors such as emergency services, connected cars and smart cities.

Leveraging the QoS applet on the SIM, operators can reach their entire customer base. Quality of service monitoring allows operators to remotely gather, measure and act upon real-time data and gain greater insight on their network.

The value of connectivity to businesses across sectors such as the ones mentioned above is immense. QoS monitoring provides tangibility and insight therefore enabling operators to sell to their enterprise clients as a premium or as a value add that justifies their premium package.

The benefits to the operator include revenue generation, customer loyalty and reduced subscriber churn. Learn more about QoS monitoring from Workz Group.

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