How to Make Sure Your Amazon FBA Account Is Not Suspended?


We’ll start with the short answer first: Abide by the law!

Actually, since you’ve already made the smart decision to operate using the FBA model, your account is less likely to get suspended. But the risk of suspension is always there, doesn’t matter whether you use FBA or FBM.

Though FBA is the safer model, it is not exempt from Amazon suspensions. Let’s check out ways to make sure that your Amazon FBA account is not suspended.

  1. Be attentive toward your customers: This is a huge deal for Amazon, because its main income is generated through its customers and it always likes to paint itself as a customer-friendly platform. Don’t ignore customer questions or inquiries, and always check your Buyer-Seller messages to make sure they are all responded to. Obviously, not all customers are going to be nice, and chances are you’ll run into some rude ones. Nevertheless, make sure you respond with absolute politeness, even if the issue is not your fault. For example, you should definitely stay away from Amazon late delivery complaints.

2. Make sure your products are in stock and the listing information is correct: If a customer orders a product that is out of stock but shows active on Amazon, they will get annoyed and likely leave negative reviews, which will increase your ODR and get your account suspended. Always run regular audits of your stores to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be.

3. Sell exclusively authorized products: We’ve seen many FBA sellers create listings for products that they are not authorized to sell. This will complicate matters beyond control, as selling unauthorized or “inauthentic” products on Amazon is a surefire way of getting suspended. You can get letters of authorization from the suppliers you’re working with to make sure you’re safe.

4. Stay away from counterfeits: Among the current “war on counterfeits” that is going on in the ecommerce world, whose side would you be on? The brands, obviously! Every legitimate seller would make that decision. In the struggle against piracy, you wouldn’t want to be on the side of the pirates! Make sure all the products that you are selling are real and not cheap knock-offs of the original ones.

Sometimes, sellers can get suspended even if they are FBA sellers and they follow the above-mentioned points. That means something far bigger is going on in the backend that must be researched and looked into. You might get suspended during this period, but it’s not the end of the road for sure.

There are ways of getting out of suspension, and we at Got Suspended Amazon reinstatement services know every single one! Bring your suspension to our table, wait a bit, and we’ll provide you with the correct Plan of Action needed for the reinstatement of your account! On top of that, we can also give you tons of tips on being a top-notch Amazon seller who abides by all the rules and is seen as a model seller on Amazon’s profile. Need your account reinstated? Just drop us a call.