How Do You Know If Your Unit Needs Trane AC Repair Service


Figuring out whether your air conditioning system needs repairs is not terribly difficult. Perhaps you’ve noticed that the air isn’t as cool, or you’ve woken up to an 85 degree house in the middle of August. However, inexperienced homeowners occasionally may question whether the air conditioner is working correctly.

Homeowners may also experience this when their system starts to exhibit symptoms of needing repairs. Once you start noticing issues with your air conditioning, waiting won’t solve the problem. In fact, acting sooner rather than later could end up saving you money in the long run and help you avoid super expensive repairs.

Having routine maintenance of your unit will ensure that your air conditioner should function effectively even in the hottest months while keeping you cool during the summer. If your air conditioner is not operating as it should, professional repair may be necessary.

As soon as you notice a problem with your air conditioner, you should immediately call a Columbus Trane repair service AC repair tech to take a look at your unit . Based on the age, kind, and usage of your air conditioner, some repairs could replace your air conditioning unit altogether.


Blowing Warm Air

Your air conditioning system can eventually stop functioning properly. Your vents’ air simply isn’t as chilly as it once was or isn’t frigid at all, even when they are running at full blast. The fact that your system is producing hot air may be a clue that it needs to be seriously repaired.

For instance, the absence of chilly air could indicate a problem with your system’s compressor. It can also indicate that the Freon levels in your system are too low. You might need to replace the unit at that point.

Bad Airflow

Your air conditioner’s compressor might be failing if you notice a weak or little airflow coming from the vents. If there’s only a couple of rooms or just one section of the house is getting cold, then you may have an issue with your duct work, and calling a licensed air conditioning technician is needed.

Issues with Thermostats

The thermostat itself may occasionally be the source of problems rather than the air conditioner. If one area of your home gets excessively chilly while another section of it stays the same temperature, your thermostat may be malfunctioning. Another indication is when the temperature is off by around 10 degrees yet your HVAC is set for 70.

Moisture in the wrong places

Leakage or moisture surrounding your system may be a sign that anything is wrong. There are primarily two causes of leakage from your air conditioning system.

In the worst instances, a refrigerant leak could be present. You should immediately fix any refrigerant leaks since they pose substantial health dangers to you and your family. An expert in air conditioning repair needs to be contacted immediately.

Unusual Sounds

An audible screeching sound indicates that the belt has moved. It can also mean that your air conditioner’s metal parts need more oil. If your motor is making a grinding noise, your motor’s bearings may be damaged.

Unusual odors

Normally, pungent or offensive odors coming from your air conditioner’s vents indicate that the wire insulation has burned off. Musty odors typically signify mold growth inside your unit or ductwork, which has to be addressed right away.

Exorbitant electricity bills

In your house, your HVAC system uses the most electricity. There’s a good likelihood that your air conditioning equipment needs to be checked if your electricity expenses have increased over the previous season.

It’s crucial to regularly maintain your air conditioning system if you want to avoid these problems. It is an expensive item that needs to be maintained to extend its lifespan and reduce the need for costly repairs. Even if you don’t need to replace your appliance, having it maintained or repaired can increase its efficiency and reduce your costs.

The majority of air conditioner repairs are rather straightforward, such as changing the air filter. But because they worry about a high bill, homeowners frequently put off calling a professional. If your air conditioner is brand-new, you might discover that the repair is protected by a manufacturer’s warranty (, if it’s inside of the time window covered.

Even if it isn’t, it is better to address a tiny issue right away than to wait and allow it to balloon into a bigger issue. In the same vein, you should become knowledgeable about costly summer appliance breakdowns.

How Can I Avoid Expensive Repair Bills?

By keeping up with maintenance and getting a pro to check at your air conditioner as soon as you detect a problem, you can avoid paying hefty repair expenses. The issue won’t go away if you wait longer in the vain hope that it would. It might even get worse. But as we all know, most air conditioners break down in the summer despite routine maintenance. When they are used, they are run nonstop for extended periods of time.