How do Minecraft servers work and what are they?


Minecraft is a type of 3D game where people can build, craft and mine in this world of games, there is no goal given to be accomplished.

Its servers help experience the better version of games and that keep on developing to make the game more friendly and easy to operate from any device.

Minecraft servers are both player-owned and business owned, it helps multiple players to join and play at a single time.

How Minecraft servers work


The working Minecraft servers are easy to function, come in different hardware for computers and are even more simplified on mobile phones. The size of the servers determines how many players and play at a single time. Minecraft servers come in two versions:

  • Java Edition which is majorly used for computers, laptops, MacBook
  • Bedrock edition came as a rather simplified version for smartphones, Android or iOS.

Both versions of the games are identical and the only difference is that the Bedrock version comes in a more simplified and modern version of the game, unlike the Java version which is a bit complicated.

Types of servers

When choosing a Minecraft servers you need to be particular about what type of server you require the servers are:

  • Survival server – it is the most common type of server available and focuses on the players surviving in a hostile environment.
  • Factions server – this helps the player team up to form factions and claim land.
  • Mini-game server – this server provides a variety of mini-games.
  • Roleplay server – This server allows players to take a role and achieve an objective and complete the quest.
  • Minecraft economy server – this server focus on the real economy. Where players can buy and sell items and trade with other players too.

Also, there are a few other servers to as the PVP server, Anarchy server, prison server, challenge server, hunger game server, sky block server etc.

How have Minecraft servers become popular

Minecraft servers have been functioning for quite a long and are one of the oldest game servers that were first developed for computers, earlier came with small interesting games and later started developing larger games such as cricket and football for computers. It was first introduced in 2009, after 2014 the Minecraft server started developing games for mobile phones – Android and iOS.

The games that this server provides are interesting and also came as stress relief for the busy schedule of children. Playing computer games became a part of the schedule made for daily routine.


Minecraft servers became popular quite a few times as they came in real-time when the need for this is quite necessary. However, it came as a stress buster but it has now become an addiction. Although everything comes with a demerit it has been our responsibility to cope with this.

Thus, the server has been providing many amazing games for the past many years and also came with the idea that sports can be played even Indoor and with the same enthusiasm and enjoyment and that became a success.