How Do I Design A Bathroom That Makes My Customers Feel Comfortable?


So, you’ve decided that your bathroom remodeling Los Angeles business needs a remodel. You have all of the necessary products and tools to make this happen, along with new customers eager for you to remodel their bathrooms.

But, what are some things to consider when remodeling a bathroom? How can you make customers feel comfortable in this space? Is this the right time to consider a Los Angeles bathroom renovation?

What Makes a Bathroom Comfortable for Most People?

Several factors can go into how to design a comfortable bathroom remodel for customers, but the reality is that different people desire different levels of comfort. People from around the world may have widely different ideas on what they consider to be comfortable or uncomfortable, on their culture’s norms and preferences.

For example, many Americans aren’t comfortable with nudity in the bathroom. As a result, they may want privacy while using the restroom. People from some countries around Asia, on the other hand, are often quite comfortable with public nudity.


They don’t need privacy to use the restroom in their home when people walk right past them when they do so. This can be one home renovation project that you can tackle.

As such, it’s wise to meet your customers where they are at when remodeling their bathrooms. Give them what they need to feel more comfortable in this space. Here are several ways you can go about doing that:

Possibilities For Designing A Comfortable Bathroom Remodel For Customers Include:

  • Natural lighting is always best for any room of the house, including bathrooms. If remodeling a bathroom in Los Angeles, consider large windows to brighten and open up the space.

This not only makes it more attractive and aesthetically pleasing forĀ  customers but also feels like natural light is coming through and opens up the room. Ceiling-Mounted Lights Ensure lighting is bright enough by placing lights on the ceiling to light up the whole room.

While sconces or small table lamps may be attractive, they don’t provide nearly as much lighting as can be made available with overhead lighting that covers all areas of the bathroom.

  • Heat bathroom floors with radiant heating systems under flooring materials such as tile or vinyl flooring during remodeling. Not only does this add an element of comfort to the room, but it also helps people maintain a more comfortable temperature in the bathroom.

Combined with natural lighting and ceiling-mounted lights, this can go a long way toward making customers feel comfortable during remodel.

  • Toilet stalls that contain doors are ideal for remodeling bathrooms that need privacy. These can be built into new or existing bathrooms without too much time or cost involved.

If remodeling Los Angeles, don’t assume everyone needs privacy while using the restroom; many cultures around Asia don’t mind public nudity so much, so there may not be as high of a demand for your typical American customer base.

Thus, designing an open space is completely viable as well. A lot of contractors under home remodeling services can give you tips on how to improve your bathroom space.

Privacy Might Not A Requirement For All Customers

Technology has made it possible to remodel bathroom Los Angeles considerably, even without added privacy. For example, people can take care of their business and clean themselves in the shower with a detachable showerhead and handheld wand for cleaning themselves.

This leaves them feeling clean but doesn’t take much away from the sense of modesty many people desire when remodeling bathrooms.

New “Space-Saving” Designs Many standard American bathrooms are like most Los Angeles hotels: they’re spacious and large enough to drive a truck through. While remodeling your bathroom may be ideal for those who need more space to move around, what about those who don’t?

Consider remodeling the bathroom as such that there’s no extraneous or room that isn’t useful or used. This leaves people feeling more comfortable in a smaller, more confined space.

Many remodeled bathrooms include radiant heating under tile or vinyl flooring remodeling. If this isn’t an option, consider a standard heater that can be placed near the bathroom entrance of the room to heat it upon entering.

Customers may feel more at ease with themselves and their surroundings if they enter a warm bathroom rather than one that’s cold and damp from sitting overnight. In Los Angeles for remodeling, keep in mind that rooms without proper ventilation collect moisture fast, leading to the growth of mold and mildew over time.

Thus, bathrooms need good airflow throughout to prevent this from happening and maintain a comfortable temperature among all customers even while remodeling. You can always ask for advice from a reliable Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractor.

Can You Design a Productive Bathroom?

Enhanced Productivity

Many people take the bathroom to remodel as an opportunity to upgrade other aspects of the house: the kitchen, bedroom, and other living spaces. Get rid of clutter and packrat items by remodeling Los Angeles bathrooms and consolidating storage space.

Putting in a new vanity cabinet or bathroom remodeling cabinets can help to maximize storage space without filling up too much room with unnecessary material that can be safely discarded.

In addition, surface countertops such as granite offer plenty of additional space for people who would otherwise leave their toiletries strewn about on shelves or counters throughout remodel.

Added Showering Capacity

While not all remodeled bathrooms include a shower during remodeling, putting it in is a popular choice among customers looking for relaxation.

If you are remodeling a Los Angeles bathroom, make sure to put in a shower head with multiple settings and try out the wide variety of natural bath oils, salts, and soaps available on today’s market for customers looking for relaxation.

Customized Design Everyone

has different tastes while remodeling bathrooms in their homes, which is why remodel typically offers opportunities to remodel anything about the room that may need attention or updating.

For example, some people are okay with standard countertops during remodeling while others want them replaced with granite or other surface materials. Some feel more comfortable without any shower stalls while remodeling, while others prefer the added privacy they provide during remodel.

The only limit is your imagination when it comes to customizing your bathroom remodel during remodeling.

Improve Lighting

While modern bathroom remodels often include increased lighting options to maximize visibility, some people feel more comfortable in low-lit rooms. When it comes to your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling project, consider installing lower wattage light bulbs or night lights for those who want reduced lighting without having to go completely dark.

By doing so, you not only help them feel more at ease but also keep the energy bill down due to less power consumption during remodeling.

Custom Shower Stalls

When remodeling bathrooms in California, don’t forget that some people may need extra privacy when showering. Putting in a new shower stall with a door on it offers an easy solution that can be customized to meet individual needs while remodeling.

To save remodel and space, consider remodel sliding doors instead of normal ones to create a customized solution that both preserves your needs and preferences during remodel.

Theft Deterrent

One last thing to consider when remodeling bathrooms is theft. It’s not common and people usually don’t think about it until remodeling, but thieves may break into homes while owners are gone to steal smaller items such as jewelry or cash.

Thieves will often avoid rooms with too much activity going on around them or places where they can be easily caught by police during remodeling. Installing locks on the outside of bathroom remodeling cabinets makes it more difficult for them to access items left out during remodel.

Also, putting tiles up along bathtub ledges helps prevent thieves from using them as steps to gain access to the upper floors of a home during remodel.

Making Sure Your Bathroom Stays Clean

After remodeling your bathroom, try keeping it clean and tidy by putting away any items that don’t need frequent use during remodel.

Doing so makes it easier for users to relax in privacy without having to worry about cleaning up someone else’s mess when remodeling their own Los Angeles bathroom remodel.