How to Build Positive Reviews about the Company?


Building positive reviews about your company is a necessity. Reviews are very important – you should not neglect them. People always look at reviews before they shop these days. If you want people to come to your shop and nobody else’s…you need good reviews.

Ask at the Opportune Moment

There is a time and a place for everything. This includes asking for good reviews. Don’t force the issue at any point – ironically, that might get a bad review!

If you want people to come to your shop and nobody else’s…you need good reviews. That’s why you may want to embed some business reviews to your website, for example, from Google.


Give your customer the best business experience they have ever had! Then ask for a review. Don’t make it seem at any point like you are expecting a review. This will put pressure on people all through their transactions. The best way to do this is to draw people’s attention to review sites right at the end of your transaction. Make it clear that you don’t expect anything.

Try Asking in Person

This is not always possible – the business can be online, or the transaction can be online. But if you can, ask for a review in person. People always like that personal touch in their business interactions.

Are you not going to be face to face with the customer at any point? Try and find something to substitute that experience. If you are sending items out to the customer, why not include a personalised receipt? You could also possibly try setting up an email system which gets sent out to all your customers. This can be personalised too.

Get Outside Help

Online reputation management companies exist to help people improve their business. These companies will give you the help you need to build positive reviews.

Sometimes, getting better reviews can be very easy. But sometimes it is not so clear cut. This is where a reputation management company comes in. They can help you understand why you are getting so many bad reviews. They can then help give you strategies for improving your reviews. Outside help can see many flaws that you might not see – it’s always good to ask for some help.

Make it Easy

Make it as easy as possible for someone to leave a review. In many cases, a client or customer will go to an independent site themselves. If they don’t, or if you have your own page for reviews, then make it easy.

If you make things difficult, you run the risk of bad reviews. If people get frustrated in trying to leave a review, then they will talk about that experience. It doesn’t matter if you gave them world-class service beforehand. You will get a bad review for your troubles.

Make sure that the site you are using is well laid out. Make sure that customers can easily find their way to the reviews section. Have it laid out clearly, so that people know what goes where. Your reviews will improve almost immediately.

Cut Down the Time Involved

Many people assume that they don’t have time for reviews. You can and should reassure them that it won’t take all that long. If you are in person, ask them to leave a review, and then reassure them that it won’t take too much time. If you are online, why not speed up the process by offering a link directly to the reviews page? It would save your customers the time it would take to try and find it themselves.