Is it Necessary to Hire a Lawyer to Get Your Personal Injury Compensation?


Personal injuries are medical emergencies that should be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, a bodily injury can lead to permanent disability after unimaginable severe pain. Worst still, insurers of negligent parties can take so long to respond and issue your claims. If you add the rising claims denials in the hospital, getting personal injury compensation can be challenging. But you have nothing to worry about.

All you need to do is get a qualified personal injury attorney to help you. Filing a lawsuit for your injury needs expert legal knowledge. But most importantly, it requires experience dealing with stubborn health insurance companies.

So, your chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit will be meager without a lawyer by your side. A personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation faster. But why it is necessary to hire a lawyer to get your personal injury compensation? Keep on reading this article to find out the answers you need.

1. Get the Best Medical Care For Your Bodily Injury

The amount of compensation you get depends on the severity of your bodily injuries. As a result, insurance companies will use the following to gauge your compensation:

  • The severity of physical injuries you have sustained
  • Amount of your medical bills
  • Duration of your recovery from the injury

If your entitled compensation increases, there is a high chance that the negligent party’s insurance policy may stretch to the limit. The offender’s insurance firm may not wholly cover your actual compensation in such a scenario.

Such scenarios warrant a personal injury lawyer who will ensure you receive the total amount of compensation. A similar case also applies to severe accidents that need very long-term or permanent care for the rest of your life. Notably, severe bodily injuries that lead to permanent disability need a lawyer immediately. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Hammond can guide and help you calculate the actual worth of your permanent injuries.

For example, temporary or permanent bodily injuries will impact your earning capacity. An expert can help you determine the percentage of earning capacity that the injury will impact. So, you will need a personal injury lawyer to get the compensation you deserve for your bodily injuries and associated losses.

2. Fast Track Your Claim

Insurance companies can be outrightly shrewd when you request claims. They can refuse to make a settlement or provide an unfair offer. In most cases, some insurance companies resort to bad faith tactics to delay or undervalue your compensation. You should look out for the following bad faith tactics from the insurance firm:

  • Denying or delaying your claim without any reason
  • Giving less money compared to your compensation worth (lowballing).
  • Issuing threatening statements like you’re responsible for your injuries.
  • Changing the policy language to intimidate you with insurance fraud.
  • Delaying investigations

As a result, broken communication and attitude from the offender’s insurance company can undermine your compensation. The bad faith tactics can undervalue and prolong your claim. You can only get a fair settlement from an insurance company with broken communication through a lawyer.

It helps you get your compensation faster. They will deal with the insurance company and negotiate with the defendant’s attorneys. As a result, a personal injury lawyer will be instrumental in expediting your compensation.

3. Reach Better and Fair Settlement

Only 5% of court cases in the US end up in trial. That means a majority of the cases end up in settlement negotiation. And personal injury claims are not any different. If it goes the settlement negotiation way, you will need to defend yourself for fair compensation.

As mentioned earlier, some insurance firms can out rightly offer you a settlement below the value of your actual compensation. So, you can not go to these negotiations alone without a legal professional. A personal injury lawyer will get you the best settlement offer for your injuries.

4. Simplifies Claims That Involve Multiple Parties

If your bodily injuries come from an accident that involved multiple parties, your lawyer should handle the negotiation. Can you imagine what you’ll face when dealing with numerous insurance companies or parties if a single party is an uphill task? Apart from bad faith tactics, the parties can blame each other at the expense of your health and compensation. It can be an overly complicated affair with too many parties involved in your injury lawsuit.

Besides, there may be less settlement money for every injured party. Also, if other parties bring up your proportional fault for the injury, your settlement can be zero or incredibly reduced. So, if you are injured in an accident for that you are partly at fault, you should immediately engage your attorney. Your personal injury attorney will handle the cross-claims and counterclaims raised by other parties.

5. Have Experience With the Personal injury Claim Process

Let’s face it; your court case will likely end up in a settlement negotiation. Without legal assistance, you can get a raw deal way below your deserved compensation worth. The insurance company will arm-twist into a deal that shock even your enemies.

Yes, they can even threaten you with insurance fraud. Thus intimidating you to accept whatever they offer. You can have two outcomes when you go the solo road. You will get a low offer, so low that it may not cover all your medical bills. Or the insurance company can delay your claim forcing you to pay for your medical bills from your pocket. Both options stink, at least to me. Getting an experienced expert in the field can make the process less painful and improve your odds of a better settlement offer worth your injuries.

Personal injury attorneys are well versed in the compensation claims process. They are familiar with the court process and the stubborn insurance companies. So, they will know exactly to serve your interests faster with better outcomes. All you need is to get in touch and honestly explain the accident’s details. And the rest of the claim process will be taken care of by your personal injury attorney. You will avoid legal technicalities in the court process and bad faith tactics from annoying insurance firms.

Take Away

The best way to get compensation worth your injuries without legal assistance is when you are a lawyer. However, if you’re not a lawyer and insist on going solo, the claim process can take longer, and you may get a low settlement for your troubles. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can expedite the claim process and deal with stubborn insurance firms. Also, they will aggressively negotiate for the best possible settlement offer.

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