Harley Motorcycles: Top 3 Most Popular Models

Harley Motorcycles

There’s only one feeling you get when Harley-Davidson motorcycles approach: awe or fear. But you might not feel so intimidated if you knew that the nickname for Harley motorcycles is hog. Hard to be scared of something with the name Pig!

Buying a Harley isn’t cheap, and for good reason. These are some of the classiest motorcycles on the market, surpassing even bikes that can go much, much faster. But no matter the price tag or the clout, you want to know what you are getting when you buy a Harley.

Read on as we discuss the three most popular models of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

1. Sportster Harley Motorcycles

Upon first glance, the Sportster may not look like a Harley motorcycle. It lacks elongated handles. The driver sits upright rather than leaning back.

Where this version of Harley Davidson motorcycles really makes its name is in stunts and record-breaking. This is the sort of motorcycle you’d see Evel Knievel using to jump canyons and gorges.

Further, this model has complete customization from top to bottom. Unlike the most common version, it has incredibly tight handling and a responsive engine. Its modern iterations include Harley Davidson’s modern water-cooled engine.

2. Softail

Many have called this classic bike design a “love letter” to Harley Davidson. It retains that vintage look of the 50s, but with a softer suspension. In fact, the original designer Bill Davis took it straight to Harley himself for approval.

Since then, the Softail has gotten its own lineup. The original design hasn’t strayed far from its origin, allowing this motorcycle to remain recognizable throughout the years. From the Fat Bob 114 to the Low Rider S, there is something here for all ages.

3. Street Glide

When you look at the street glide, your first thought is of a motorcycle police officer. In fact, this was a divisive model among the Harley community. It has a thick body, with wide windshields that make it seem out of place amongst Harley motorcycles.

Similar to the Softail, this was one man’s pipe dream. It began as a bike he built for his own needs, but expanded in popularity to those in search of a touring bike. And as a surprise to some, this is a luxury vehicle with many exclusive features.

Naturally, we have only scratched the surface with all available Harley Davidson models. Remember, this brand has been around since the 50s and continues to mature. Read on for your A-Z Guide to Harley Davidson.

Find a Harley Motorcycle Today

There is no doubt that Harley motorcycles are the best way to ride around in style and get everyone’s attention. But if you would prefer not to be the center of attention, then you can consider these other Harvey Davidson motorcycle models. All of them feature the same design philosophy and high build quality–even if they aren’t the Harley that first comes to mind.