HAC Aldine: An Academic Insight Portal


In the digital age, staying informed about your child’s academic progress has always been challenging. Aldine Independent School District (ISD) introduces the Home Access Center (HAC) Aldine, a powerful tool designed to provide parents with comprehensive access to their child’s academic information.

In this article, we’ll guide you through setting up your HAC Aldine account and explore the wealth of knowledge and features it offers.

HAC Aldine Account Setting Up

You must create an account to start your journey with HAC Aldine ISD and follow the below-given steps:

1. Account Creation: Visit the Aldine HAC website and initiate the process. When prompted, provide Challenge Questions for security.


2. Email Verification: Aldine HAC will email you once you’ve provided your Challenge Questions. You will receive your login information via email during the registration process.

3. Registered Email: Register your email address with your child’s school to ensure a seamless account setup.

HAC Aldine Features

HAC Aldine ISD opens the door to a treasure trove of academic information about your child. Let’s delve into the various features it offers:

1. Home Access Center Menu

Upon logging in, the Home Access Center Menu welcomes you. This menu acts as your gateway to essential academic details, including:

  • Home: Your dashboard.
  • Attendance: To track a child’s daily attendance.
  • Classes: View class schedules and coursework.
  • Grades: Keep tabs on your child’s academic performance.
  • Registration: Access demographic information.
  • User Options: Customize your HAC experience.

2. View Account of Multiple Students

If you’re responsible for more than one student, Aldine HAC makes it easy to switch between profiles. To view a different student’s information, click “Change Student” and choose the student you wish to access.

3. Attendance Month View Page

Are you concerned about your child’s attendance? The Month View page allows you to monitor their monthly attendance. You can navigate between months using the >> and << arrows.

4. Calendar Page

The Calendar page offers a monthly view of your child’s class assignments, events, and activities. You can filter, ensuring you stay current.

5. Classwork Page

You can track assignments and scores with the Classwork Page. You can organize tasks by class, competency group, due date, coursework, and assignment specifics.

6. Demographic Page

Access your child’s basic personal information, such as name, birth date, and teacher details.

7. Interim Progress

Stay informed about your child’s course information, including course name, description, class periods, etc. The page also contains details about previous Interim Progress Reports.

8. School Links Page

Explore various educational resources relevant to you and your child. Click on the provided links to access these resources.

9. My Account

Manage your account details in the “My Account” tab. You can view and change personal information and perform other account-related tasks.

10. Test Scores Page

Discover how your child has performed on tests and exams—access information about test dates, scores, and the tests themselves.

11. Week View Page

The Week View Page provides weekly insights into attendance, scheduling, discipline incidents, course averages, and assignments. It keeps you up to date with both current and past weeks.

12. Transcript Page

The Transcript Page offers a comprehensive view of your child’s academic journey. It includes course history, credits, scores, GPA, and grades. Personal information is also available for your convenience.

13. Report Card Page

Review your child’s most recent Report Card, complete with grades, attendance, and courses taken. A grading scale is available to help you understand the meaning of each grade.

Reset HAC Aldine Password

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your HAC Aldine ISD password; there’s a simple recovery process in place:


1. Click Forgot My Username or Password.

2. Provide either your registered email address or username.

3. You’ll receive a recovery email to your registered address from the school.

4. Follow the link in the email to “Reset your Home Access Center.”

5. Answer the Challenge questions and proceed.

6. It will redirect you to the “My Account” page, where you can change your password.


HAC Aldine empowers parents with the tools to actively participate in their child’s education journey. From attendance tracking to detailed grade reports, this portal offers a comprehensive view of your child’s academic progress.

Stay engaged and informed, and make the most of the educational resources provided through the School Links Page. With Aldine HAC, you’re just a few clicks away from being an even more involved and supportive parent in your child’s education.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is HAC Aldine?

HAC stands for Home Access Centre. It’s a parent portal designed to access students’ academic information.

How do I access HAC Aldine?

To access Aldine HAC, you must register on the portal as a guardian in the school records.

What information can I access with HAC Aldine?

You can access various information, including assignments, teacher contact information, attendance summaries, classwork details, discipline incidents, teacher alerts and notes, teacher comments, discipline records, class schedules, report cards, calendars, emergency contacts, and student information.

Is HAC Aldine a secure platform?

HAC Aldine uses Challenge Questions to protect your child’s academic information.

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