God Rakhis For Brother To Shower Blessings Of God


Brother-a word that always accompanies your protection and sense of security. From protecting you from bullying at school to listening to all your broken hearts there, he is a man who knows everything. The same relationship applies to all your brothers and sisters. This wonderful relationship is undoubtedly a blessing from God. In order to enjoy the unbreakable bond between you and your brother, Raksha Festival is celebrated every year.

The sisters tie a sacred thread-Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. Like every year, there is a rakhi design on the trend, which seems to be the dream of all brothers. Every brother hopes to get a happy and prosperous rakhi. This year, the god idol rakhis replaced other popular rakhis, celebrating Rakhi with great enthusiasm and high spirit.

Om Rakhi

Whenever we hear the word “Om”, we feel a sense of holiness, peace, and satisfaction. Om is a very positive thing, it is a sacred voice, a spiritual symbol. Well, if your brother is very spiritual and religious in nature, buy this Om Rakhi this time and send it to him with online rakhi delivery services. Believe it or not, he will get the most positive resonance from rakhi.

Kalash Rakhi

“Kalash” is basically known for its pure and auspicious nature, if you think your brother is definitely a creative person, then please do not hesitate to choose this Kalash Rakhi. Think about it, your brother is the incarnation of Lord Krishna, possessing a powerful and kind spirit in various forms. Order Rakhi from one of Lord Krishna’s avatars so that he will realize how exemplary he is in every way.


Rudraksha Kundan Rakhi

Rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Shiva, it provides users with health, strength, and happiness. The designer rakhi is embellished with rudraksha and sparkling Kundan stones, exuding a unique atmosphere and injecting a sense of sacredness on this special day. Your brother will like to wear it on his wrist and will cherish it for a long time.

Lord Hanuman Rakhi

“Hanuman” is always active, full of energy, and is known for his strong body. If your brother is sometimes or always like him, then you must choose Hanuman rakhi.

The Mighty Balaji Rakhi

Lord Balaji is known for his power and always being there for his devotees in difficult times. The stunning bluestone golden rakhi design is eye-catching and is accompanied by the blessing of the mighty Balaji god. While your brother vows to protect you in Raksha Bandhan, he will be safe.

Lord Ram Rakhi

Shree Ram represents the perfect example of caring for brothers and sisters and loving them wholeheartedly.

So, Choose the Rakhi that complements your brother’s nature and brings him a lot of luck.