Getting ready for your first male Brazilian wax


Your first Male Brazilian Wax procedure may seem intimidating.

That makes perfect sense. A first-timer will almost always wait months or even years before getting a Brazilian wax, on average. If it describes you, don’t be alarmed. Many thousands of guys have had the exact same internal conflict.

If you choose a skilled male Brazilian waxing professional—I specifically said “male Brazilians”—your procedure shouldn’t be a very taxing or arduous undertaking.

Is Brazilian wax painful? Sure. Your body is being haired by us. Does it really have to hurt so bad? Definitely not, no. While some guys claim that their first Brazilian Wax wasn’t nearly as painful as they had anticipated, others act as if you’re yanking their teeth.


However, there is a pattern to the various reactions, and here are the tips for getting ready for your first male Brazilian wax.

1. Prepare your body physically for your first male Brazilian wax

  • Wait at least three weeks before scheduling an appointment for a male Brazilian wax before trimming your hair or shaving the genital region. For the wax to cling, the hair has to be long enough that we only need to go over each region one or twice.

If the hair is clipped or shaved excessively short, we may have to go over the region more than once or, in certain situations, pluck the remaining hairs. Come in as you are. Your therapist will trim you if necessary while you rest on the table.

  • Apply moisturiser the morning before your procedure. Dry or broken skin will make the procedure much more unpleasant since it will want to absorb moisture from the wax and other sources.

2. Prepare your mind for your first Brazilian wax on a man

Some of the advice offered is frighteningly incorrect. Let’s start by addressing the faulty counsel.

  • Have a drink or take some painkillers before your therapy. NO, NO, NO, NO. You are not in the proper state of mind to have a Brazilian Waxing treatment if you need to take painkillers or become drunk. It will hurt even if you take anything, maybe much more so if you do. Why? because you’re attempting to cultivate a fake mental state.

You’re trying to trick yourself into thinking that taking painkillers would make the pain go away entirely. You’ll utterly panic out if it doesn’t. You would scream if we pulled even one hair. Don’t get a Brazilian wax if you believe you need painkillers for it.

3. Okay, now for the wise counsel. Be mindful

  • Don’t worry. Calm down as much as you need to. Before you get there, take charge by just reminding yourself, “Okay, I’ll finish this up. If I maintain my composure, it won’t tickle and won’t hurt too much “. I assure you that the outcome will be worthwhile. Finding a happy place is usually enough to help someone calm down while I’m conducting a Male Brazilian Wax on a first-time client and I see them starting to feel a little agitated.
  • Avoid looking into horror tales online. There are many accounts of Brazilian waxing catastrophes that can be found online. After all, there are many very awful therapists out there, and the most of them don’t want to treat males, so they don’t really care whether you return.
  • Keep your Brazilian wax a secret from your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, particularly if they also get waxed. You won’t get any help. All you can hope for is a demonic chuckle and the phrase “Now you’ll understand what I have to go through.” Others may even want to join you in the treatment area so they can laugh their hearts out at how uncomfortable you are. Unfortunately, even the most devoted spouse may change into a banshee from hell when you need them the most. But if you do it unexpectedly, they’ll be totally on your side