The Impact of Gaming Mobile apps in 2020


The applications and smartphones are now widely accessible, and almost everyone owns a smartphone. With smartphones and applications, the app-based entertainment industry is becoming more and more attractive.

Among these industries, the mobile gaming industry is the fastest developing one in the past decade. And, if you take a look back in the past in 2020, you will be able to understand the impact of mobile gaming in 2020. But how much the mobile gaming industry has an impact? Is it good or bad? Well, there are many questions, and almost everyone wants to know about this. Read till the end to know about the impact of mobile gaming apps in 2020.

Well, mobile gaming is still behind the laptop or PC or console gaming. But, in 2020, the mobile gaming industry has inched closer to the pro gaming arena. It is evident with the releases of gaming mobiles in the global market. People, especially gamers, want to invest in mobile that can handle continuous gaming and comfort during gaming. The lastest gaming mobiles come with everything a gamer needs- a good-sized screen with proper resolution and comfortable screen menu, a powerful battery, proper RAM and internal storage, and a comfortable and responsive touch screen.

The mobile gaming industry has come a long way from those simple matching or puzzle-solving games. Nowadays, programmers and game designers are keen on designing games that are better and difficult. From the Virtual reality to the online lifelike stimulation and graphics- a mobile game app is now more advanced and offers better scopes for gamers.

The mobile gaming apps have already fulfilled the rise of a gaming cult. Some people use a smartphone for a gaming session and often start their hands at mobile gaming. There are even pro gamers who now prefer to try their hands at mobile gaming.

With the new rage about mobile gaming and the battle royale style, gaming is popular among mobile users. It is time to understand why the mobile gaming is becoming popular.

Why are mobile games so popular?

Why are mobile games becoming so popular? What are the reasons behind it? Let’s check-

The portability

Well, if you love gaming, you will have your favorite console and gaming session. But carrying a laptop or console is difficult. Hence, gamers wanted something that they could carry. In recent times, smartphones have changed everything. The mobiles can now contain multiple gaming apps, and you just need to carry your smartphone with you. You can easily carry your mobile anywhere.

  • It allows you to start your gaming session anywhere. You can start a gaming session on a bus, inside a train, in your office cafeteria, or any other place you like. It makes everything more comfortable than ever.

There are games for everyone

  • The most significant benefit of the mobile gaming industry is that it has games for anyone. There are games for small children, for young adults, and even for pro gamers. The gaming industry is very versatile and has many standards and branches.
  • For example, there are strategic games for people who love to enjoy brainstorming and strategic operation games like the battle royale style of escape games. Then you can pay education stimulation games to learn new things.

You do not need to buy a console for playing mobile games

Well. If you ask a pro gamer or someone who lobes gaming about the main thing they need, they will answer a console, a graphics card, or both. But, with mobile gaming, you can play games without spending your money on gaming consoles. Hence, you do not need to spend a lot of money on gaming accessories.

The mobile games are free or cheaper

The price or easy availability has made mobile games very popular. But why? In general, mobile games are available for free, or you may need to purchase these games. The price is comparatively lower than the PC gaming CDs or licenses you need to buy for the console gaming. Hence mobile games are very affordable, and anyone can afford to play a mobile game. The bonus point? You do not need to spend a lot of money.

Mobile games are fun and entertaining

The mobile games are very much entertaining. You can learn new things, relax and rejuvenate your self with mobile gaming. A lot of people often use mobile games to get relief from anxiety and stress.

As you can see, many reasons make mobile games exciting and popular. Hence it is clear that the impact of gaming mobile apps in 2020 will be growing, and more people will be keen on developing interest in mobile games.

The impact of mobile gaming apps in the game industry-

The mobile game industry is a booming industry. It has attracted a lot of attention from developers and investors. From recent trends, you can easily understand the impact of this particular genre in the gaming industry. Here are some impacts that you can see in the 2020-

1. Dedicated gamers for mobile gaming

The first thing that you will get to see is dedicated to mobile gamers. It may sound a little strange, but the trend is already developing. Many gamers now prefer to play gamers in their mobile, and they often have individual mobiles or gaming mobile for their gaming sessions. The cult is growing, and dedicated mobile gamers have already started to become pro gamers through gaming apps.

2. Rise of gaming mobile

The popularity of mobile gaming industry has completed the mobile manufacturing companies to design a mobile phone to cater to a particular and growing segment of smartphone users. The manufacturers are now releasing individual models of mobiles that can handle long gaming sessions and can store large games on the mobile. Hence, new models with better RAM and processor along with smart display are the latest trend.

3. Mobile versions of PC games

The gaming industry has already captured the possibilities of mobile gaming apps. Hence, the gaming giants are keen on attracting more mobile gamers. Hence, they develop their native apps for mobile games that come with the exact essence of the PC games or console games. And, as the latest trend goes, it is evident that there will be ti,e when people will have both PC games and Mobile gaming apps side by side.

4. The fastest game developing platform is on the rise

The main impact of the mobile gaming industry is the development of “Unity”. Unity is a specialized gaming development app. It allows developers to design mobile gaming apps for smartphone users. Unity allows the developers to design a game faster and makes the whole procedure simple yet effective. This also creates a common platform for the games developed with this app.

5. Affordable games with in-app purchases

Due to the rise of mobile gaming apps, the gaming industry also has understood its importance. And the popularity has allows the game developers to design games with downloadable updates and in-app purchases.

The developers now release the games on multiple platforms. The gamers can download their favorite game from any platform like play store, ios or Microsoft store, etc. without much hassle.

That means the days are gone when you had to purchase gaming CDs for playing a new game. Gaming apps are now readily available, and you can download them for free.

Additionally, the developers have also blended their skills with app making technology. The result? You can get ne updates inside the app. Hence, you do not need to s[end a lot of money. Additionally, a gamer can purchase in-app packages to play games or advance into the game through paid purchases. The mobile gaming apps have allowed the gaming industry to earn through these innovative yet practical ideas.

6. The close association of gaming companies with the payers

The gaming industry has finally understood the importance of smooth and productive relations with gamers or their consumers. Hence, the gaming companies, developers now want to connect to their consumers and dedicated gamers. They want to understand their consumers and how to offer them a better user experience. Hence, the players are now closer to the developers, and gaming companies and the relationship ill become more professional and compact with time.

7. New age gaming development region- expensive and hi-tech

With the rise of mobile gaming apps, the gaming industry has to go through a transition. The developers now are changing their office space and work schedule and work style to suit the new age business demands. Hence, co-working space or shared office spaces virtual office space re on the rise. Additionally, the gaming industry is now keen on employing talented freelance gaming artists all around the world.

Furthermore, the gaming companies are now making themselves and their apps discoverable among the countless apps in the play or apple stores. They prefer native apps to share their games for better visibility.

8. Small scale game developers are on the rise

Earlier, the gaming industry was controlled by some giant and famous world game manufacturing company. But, the scene is slowly changing with time. The app development scenario has allowed many small-time companies and even freelance game developers to release their games. It is because you do not need to spend a lot of money on releasing a gaming app on any platform. Hence, small scale gaming companies with perfect games are now becoming prominent in the gaming industry. In short, the industry is becoming diverse and easy-to-access.

9. Collaboration among selling companies, developers, advertisers and gamer

One of the striking results of mobile gaming apps’ impact in 2020  is that the brands, game sellers, developers, and app developers are no collaborating in new projects. They are also collaborating with experienced gamers to make their games better and exciting. The gaming industry is becoming global, and people from all around the world are becoming interested in having gaming apps that can take the standard a step higher.

The trends of mobile gaming apps in 2020

The main question now comes about the latest trends. Because the impact of mobile gaming apps in 2020 is closely tied with the trends! The trends are often resulting from the impact of the gaming apps, and the trends also indirectly or directly start impacting the industry. Here are some trends of 2020, in the mobile gaming industry-

More games with Augmented Reality

The trend of augmented reality will be back in 2020. The famous game ‘Pokémon Go’ started this trend. The developer has again been back with more interest in the AR and its usage in developing gaming apps. The technology is transforming and becoming more advanced.

  • The augmented reality is perfect for mobile gaming because it allows the gamer to play interactive and immersive games that are realistic, better, and exciting. From the latest gaming development trends, it is clear that AR gaming apps will be the main focus this year.

Mobile VR gaming apps

If there is AR, then why not VR? That means the virtual reality will also play a significant role in the mobile gaming app development industry. The rise of affordable mobile VR consoles has already fuelled the interest of the developers.

  • Yes, mobile VR gaming apps need more time, and there is more development needed, you cannot deny the possibilities. Why not a game with a wearable VR console that magically transports you inside the gaming world? Sound exciting!

More prominent franchises will become a significant part of the industry.

As the mobile gaming industry is rising; the giant gaming companies are now keen on taking part in this industry. They understand the potential of the mobile gaming industry. Hence, 2020 will see the entry of more prominent gaming companies in the mobile gaming industry.


It is clear that the mobile gaming industry is one of the most developing industries in this era. It has a broader user base. And since the app-based industry is growing each day, the mobile gaming apps will also get a better development prospect. Hence, the future is great and promising.