Various Styles of Funeral and Sympathy Floral Arrangements


Flowers bring a ray of hope and a sigh of relief even in the times of mourning. Funeral and sympathy flowers have been integral to funerals through times immemorial. There are quite a few options to pick from, and hence being well versed with different types become inevitable. We are hereby listing a few different styles to help avoid confusion.

Casket spray

A casket spray is a style of flower arrangement in which the top of the casket is decorated with flowers. There are two options that the customers can choose from, i.e., half couch and full couch. The choice will depend on whether the casket is half-closed or fully closed.

Casket insert

The casket insert is a type of sympathy floral arrangement opted for in case of open caskets. The spray is placed inside the casket and is not as big as casket spray. This is a garland floral arrangement.


A rosary clip is generally offered by close relatives and is placed inside the casket lid. Generally designed with spray roses, a half clip rosary is suitable for a half-close casket while a full clip is chosen for a fully open one.

Casket pillow

Casket pillow, generally offered by children and grandchildren, is placed close to the departed. However, the most widely used is the heart-shaped casket pillow. The designs can also vary and may include white roses and beautiful fillers.

Funeral urns

A funeral floral urn is a sympathy floral arrangement generally triangular or round in shape that is positioned on the side of a casket. They feature a flat base with floral decoration on the front. They can also be organized in a vase or funeral basket.

Standing sprays

Standing sprays are sympathy floral arrangements that are mounted on an easel. These one-sided floral arrangements are a go-to piece when a customer is confused about the choice of sympathy floral arrangement for a funeral service.

Standing wreaths

Standing wreaths like standing sprays are also presented on an easel and constitute a wreath of flowers of different colour combinations.

Open heart

The open heart is similar to standing wreath and differs in shape. The shape here is that of a heart, and different combinations of flowers are used.

Broken heart

A broken heart is also presented on an easel. It is mostly presented by close friends or family members. The design is characterized by a full solid heart filled with white chrysanthemums . A cluster of roses or a line of roses down the heart may represent the break.

Standing cross

This floral arrangement is similar to a broken heart. This features a base of white chrysanthemums with a bunch of roses on an angel in the centre.

Dish garden

Dish gardens are a great way to send a long-lasting sentiment. They are a collection of a variety of plants in a ceramic container or basket. They can be decorated with fresh flowers and presented as a respectful gesture towards the deceased.

Personalized sympathy flower

Sympathy floral arrangements can also be presented as personalized options according to your customer’s specific needs. This will help them have a broader choice, and they offer a customized tribute for the departed soul. This will provide them with a unique choice and also a sense of comfort.

These are some of the popular funeral and sympathy flower arrangement styles. You can also use Interflora promotional code and Interflora Discount Code to avail of amazing offers. There is plenty to choose from, and there is enough room for variations at