Follow This Guide After Finding Evidence of Pests in Your Bristol Home


Finding evidence of pests in your home can invoke panic and fear, making your home much less enjoyable. Having pests in the home isn’t just unsettling; they can cause health issues and may damage your property. There are so many different types of pests that leave different signs, but there are common themes that you can keep an eye out for. Below, we’ll outline these common pest indicators and discuss the necessary steps to take.

What Does Pest Evidence Look Like?

Before you start laying down traps aimlessly, it’s important to understand the different traces of pests because it helps you narrow down the type of pests you have. Keep an eye out for the following pest signs:

  • Sounds. If pests walk around your home, you may hear them scurrying about. Alternatively, swarms of insects will make loud humming noises.
  • Horrible smells. Depending on the pest, they may produce a nasty smell.
  • Nesting. Rats, mice, and other similar pests will scavenge for materials to make a nest – you will often see chewed-up paper or cardboard.
  • Footprints. Pests that have little feet will leave tracks behind in the dust – you can even put flour down at night to catch them out and track down their entry points.
  • Property damage. You may find damaged woodwork, mysterious staining, and small chew marks.
  • Droppings. Pests go to the toilet in your home, meaning you may find unpleasant surprises.

Keeping Your Insurance Provider Updated

Pests can pose a risk to your property’s structure, so make sure you inform your insurance provider of any essential information. The extent of pest-related cover will depend on your policy, so it’s always worth checking what’s included. If you’re making a claim, you may need to provide photographic evidence and statements from a Bristol Pest Controller.

Getting in Touch with Bristol Pest Control

As soon as you’ve found evidence of a pest infestation, you need to get in touch with your local pest control in Bristol to come and evaluate your home before putting a clearance strategy in place. Regardless of the scope of the infestations, it’s essential to have an expert pest control company take a look, like the team at Advance Pest Control Bristol.


Fortify Your Home with These Measures

After the pest controller has cleared away the infestations, you need to safeguard your home against future pest invasions. There are various defensive strategies to use, including:

  1. Regular cleaning, especially of food handling and storage areas.
  2. Timber treatments for attics and basements.
  3. Repair damaged bricks and roof tiles to make entry more difficult.
  4. Tidy away all rubbish to avoid attracting pests.
  5. Some pests thrive on moisture, so fix any root causes of dampness.

No matter how you dress it, there’s no way to make the thought of pest infestations unpleasant. If you notice any of the above pest signs, you need to contact your local pest control immediately and remember to inform your insurance provider of any potential damage.