How to Fix Battery Drain Issue after an Update in Samsung Galaxy S8


Battery drain issue of poor performance of batter is a common issue people face when you make a software update. If you are also stuck with this problem in your Samsung galaxy s8, below is our guide which will help you surely.

Why there is a battery drain issue in Samsung galaxy s8 after a software update?


So if your Samsung galaxy s8 is working fine till now and after installing and update or security patch, you noticed that your battery in draining very quickly. You have done it on medium power saving mode and still you are losing 1% in each interval of 2 to 3 minutes or even if not in use still you are losing 1% in each interval of 4 to 5 minutes.

You may have optimized the background apps or even close then which are not in use. May be you have tied to uninstall few of your apps which of less common usage or not in use. Sometime you may keep the screen brightness to 30% or lower but still it doesn’t help. The most frustrating part is that you may not even getting any message or error notification. This will always make you in hurry to get the charger to power up your phone.


Some to the solution are available for this problem but we can say that there is no any single solution will worked well as it may vary on device to device. As it cause by a software update but primarily this doesn’t mean it is an android issue. So we have listed some best solutions you can try

Install app updates

Some apps which are working fine previously may not work after an update as updating android doesn’t update the apps automatically. So in this method you will have to update the phone apps manually as soon as you update the android. Also allow play store to update the apps automatically so that apps are up to date.


  1. Open the play store app
  2. Tap the menu icon on top left
  3. Tap settings
  4. Tap auto update apps
  5. Select one of the options given

We suggest you to choose the Over wifi option to avoid the additional data charges.

Reset phone settings

In this method we are going to reset all the android settings rather than resetting the app settings. To reset all things just follow the steps below

  1. Go to the home screen and swipe up to see the aps tray
  2. Then press General Management > Reset Settings
  3. If you previously setup a pin then enter the pin
  4. Press the Reset Settings and wait for the confirmation window to appear

Reset app preferences

In this solution we are making sure that all the default system apps and services are enabled. If some default apps are disabled accidentally or disabled after an update, it may cause an issue with these apps. To reset the app preferences follow the steps below

  1. Open the settings app and then go to apps
  2. Select the more settings there dots on upper right
  3. Tap reset app preferences
  4. The restart your Samsung galaxy s8 to check the issue is still persist

Factory Reset

This solution may be the last task you can try for this issue as you can return to the original android setup. Just make sure you are trying this only when none of the above solutions are working for your Samsung Galaxy S8. Also before performing the factory reset of your Samsung s8 make sure you have take a backup of your data as it not perform properly or there is any issue in the middle you may lose your data. Just follow the steps given

  1. Press the volume up key and bixby key and hold
  2. Now press and hold the power button
  3. When the android logo appears then release all the keys
  4. Then press the volume down key to select the factory reset option
  5. After that press the power button
  6. Press the volume down key to select yes option
  7. Again press power button to start the master reset

When the mater reset is completed your device will be rebooted and use the power key to restart the device. After that just setup the android like you have done when you first set it up.


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