Five Signs It’s Time to Stop Breastfeeding


When your baby was born, all you probably heard was that breast is best, so every night you stayed up and fed with cracked nipples every hour. Sure, it’s probably easier to breastfeed and perhaps even you like to bonding… So wouldn’t you just love a sexy non-nursing bra and don’t have your kiddo pawing every night on your shirt? This might mean it is time to wean, because breastfeeding will come to an end like all good things. There are five ways to know that it is time for a stop (and not for guilty) to breastfeed.

At least a year old is your son- Jennifer Lincoln (MD), an OB / GYN and lactation consultant at, connects parents with doctors and other childcare providers online, says “Remember that most babies won’t self-wean until they’re 12 months old.” “However, any signs of weaning before can be attributed to a nursing attack, which is usually temporary, and can be associated with stress, teething, illness or a change in schedule, such as a big movement or holidays.”

The number of nursing sessions was slowly cut by your child- “Students are also indicators of their baby being able to wean, as the size and duration of their breastfeeding sessions is reduced.” Zliza Bancoff, owner of, says other features a baby ready to eat include eating from a cup and getting most of his calories from solid foods. Another clear sign that a child is willing to wean is that for two weeks he is consistently denying the breast.

You’re just no longer in it- “It might seem very simplistic, but if a mom thinks she won’t want to keep breast-feeding, it’s time to stop,” Lincoln says. “It could be after a few weeks to a couple of years, whenever she feels like she’s done.” Since children are often glad to take care of their child for years, “Mother’s often ready to wear, and I am ready to take care of her child.

You need incompatible with breastfeeding medical treatment- “Several doctors might suggest that in many cases, weaning is incompatible with breastfeeding, but only a handful of drugs and surgical procedures,” Lincoln says. For example, if a mom needs to wean to prioritize her health, she needs to take care of a lactation consultant to ensure she actually has to stop nutrition, provide the weaning techniques and support the emotional, which can be stressful for a family. “This may include certain types of chemotherapy or mastectomy for breast cancer.”

If a mother feels resentful about her breastfeeding, a clear signal is available,” says O’Connor. Most moms continue breastfeeding as they believe they should, but it will do no good if you and your child do not love breastfeeding. “Fortunately, there are many complementary foods for babies that can perfectly replace breast milk. One of them is HiPP Goat Dutch 2, this premium formula is 100% natural nutritionally balanced, and organic.

The last word on baby weaning

Be gentle with yourself and your baby whenever and however you stop breast-feeding. It is a big shift for you both in physiological, biochemical, and psychological terms.

“I felt really emotional while my body was weaning fine. We shared something for so long and it was over, “Jane, two mothers, United States, says.”This has made me feel very responsible to their lives, for five days a week and for breastfeeding. Nevertheless, we quickly found other ways of connecting when that ended.