Explaining the Basics of Rugby Rules and Regulations


Rugby still isn’t anywhere near as popular as other sports like soccer, football, and basketball. But it’s getting there!

Recent reports have revealed there are more than 400 million rugby fans worldwide. So it shouldn’t be too long now before rugby gets on the same level as some of the more popular sports across the world.

Have you taken a liking to rugby lately? If so, you might still be trying to figure out the rugby rules. It can be difficult trying to keep up with what’s going on during rugby matches when you don’t know what the rules are.

Keep reading to get more information on the basics of rugby rules and regulations.


Rugby Gear

There are a lot of people who compare rugby to American football. But one of the first things you’ll notice when you watch rugby matches is that rugby players don’t wear the same gear as American football players.

Rugby players do wear jerseys to differentiate the two teams. But they don’t wear helmets or shoulder pads.

Rugby fans often show their support for their favorite teams by wearing rugby jerseys, shirts, and other gear. Shop Rugby World Cup 2023 gear to see some of the options you’ll have for rugby attire when you’re a fan of the sport.

Rugby Rules

There are so many rugby rules that rugby players need to keep in mind when playing the sport. Here is a list of the main ones:

  • Rugby matches include 15 players from each team playing at one time
  • Every rugby player is allowed to both run with the ball and tackle
  • A rugby ball can only be passed backward during a match
  • Rugby players must fumble a ball within 1 second after getting tackled
  • Rugby players who tackle other players and force fumbles must be back on their feet before touching a ball
  • Rugby teams are allowed to keep the ball for up to 20 “phases” at a time as long as they keep moving forward

The goal of a rugby match will be for teams to score by driving down the field against their opponents. But they must do this while following each of these rugby rules.

Rugby Penalties

There are a number of penalties that can be called during rugby matches. Take a look at a few things that may result in penalties being called:

  • Rugby players are penalized for touching the ball when they’re not standing on two feet
  • They’re also penalized for being offside when they’re on the wrong side of the scrummage line during scrums for the ball
  • They’re penalized for dropping the ball when a teammate throws it to them as well

Rugby players will need to work hard to avoid drawing too many penalties. It could put their teams in positions that’ll make it more challenging for them to score. It could also lead to opposing teams getting penalty kicks if they’re not careful.

Play or Watch Rugby to Learn More Rules

The best way to discover more about the different rugby rules is by either playing or watching rugby. It’ll take you some time to figure out what’s going on. But after learning about some of the rugby rules here, you should be able to get the hang of things quickly.

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