Essential Knowledge When Starting Out in Carpentry


Essentially, the highly skilled professional trade of carpentry utilizes wood, timber, and other naturally sourced materials to design, create and install fittings and fixtures made entirely out of wood. Nowadays, wooden furniture and fittings are extremely stylish and are sought after as one of the most fashionable and modern interior living space aesthetics.

Apart from the legally required qualification in your trade, the most important thing is to research is the sourcing of a professional and established supplier of parts and equipment such as, so upon the commencement of your first official job, you are ready and equipped to deal with any requests from the customer.

The History of Carpentry

Carpentry is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, trades of all and was first devised, obviously in a much more crude and primitive setting, way back in the Stone Age. The Egyptians utilized carpentry to create and build wooden structures that are still surviving to this very day, and early Chinese people introduced the use of more accurate measuring devices a century or so later.


Today, carpentry is considered one of the highest skilled and valuable trades, and people across the country, not to mention the world as a whole, want nothing more than an interior living space strewn with bespoke, individual, and intricate wooden design pieces.

What Does a Carpenter Do?

A career in carpentry involves the designing, constructing, and installation of structures and frameworks made from a wide selection of different types of wood and other naturally sourced materials. They work both outside and inside and can be involved in delicate and fiddly projects like a single bathroom cabinet to giant structures such as bridges and roadside safety barriers.

As with other similar professional trades, the demand for a carpenter in this country remains steadily high, even during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, and shows no sign of diminishing in the near future.

Starting Your Own Carpentry Business

Like any business, the very first step is to steep yourself in research and create your individual and specific business plan. Unlike over trades such as plumbing and building work, for example, to be a carpenter is to have a very specific skill set and is more than just a ‘job’: it is a vocation, and there is absolutely no point starting a business in carpentry without an already burning pride, passion and commitment to the profession.

Company Name and Logo

As private projects and jobs are most likely to be friends of friends who, through the immeasurable word of mouth recommendation, more commercial and ultimately more financially profitable contracts will come from your presence as a strong and respected competitor.

An important part of creating a professional and skilled impression to potential customers and clients is a clear and concise brand name and logo, and both should be clearly displayed on your vehicle, any paperwork, your business cards, your e-mail signature, your social media platforms, and your company’s official website.