NetBase Quid: Benefits of Using Emerging Trends in Data Analytics for Brands


Whether the trader knows it or not, emerging trends are all that a business need. The more styles you can use in data analytics, the more your business develops. Organizations around the globe are already utilizing these technologies. When you incorporate them in your activities, you take advantage of the special position. By tracking and analyzing these trends, traders have high chances of achieving their goals. Below are some of the tools you should think about.

Virtual Listening & Image Recognition

As brands increasingly use image inspection tools to map the conversations they interact with, image inspection tools have become part of the emerging analytical dynamic. Social media conversations may involve posting photos, company logos and brand names.

With tools for image recognition, brands can operate where prospects, critics, and fans see or mention them. Then, they analyze the information to better understand customers or resolve any criticisms directed to the company.

The development of social analytics has witnessed the invention of tools, such as Instagram virtual listening and pre-trained logo library tools, which contain various logo variants, allowing brands to search for brand logos they want. Businesses are employing these competitive intelligence emerging trends to gather information on the website and the conversations where competitors trend.


Influencer Identification & Monitoring

This is one of the strongest social analytics for emerging trends. Most brand managers and business owners know using social media influencers or brand ambassadors is one of the ideal ways to send brand messages to target audiences. They are leading in using social media and have large followings on social platforms.

By changing your brand image ambassador, you can turn your followers into your audience. Social media analytics is the influence of the identity embedded in its tools. The tools now have the potential to help brands identify potential influencers and engage them in lists that can be used to plan marketing activities. Companies like Raspberry PI know how to use influencers, despite them having a lot of RASPHUB blogs.

Transparent & Accurate CX Insights

Brand sellers receive a lot of data about consumer behavior. The data varies from users who watch YouTube to search engines’ search activities. They may also include travel patterns and locations obtained from various GPS applications. Despite the large amount of user data, many organizations are still reluctant to use it because it is biased.

To eliminate this suspicion, AI-powered social analytics eliminate prejudice and offer better insights into how companies can boost their customer experience. Studies show that most consumers have a willingness to share data as long as the brands clearly state where they intend to use the same.

Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence

One of the main steps of social analysis is to develop a social analysis solution implemented by AI. Leading companies such as NetBase Quid pioneered the discovery tool called AI studio. Social analysis tools can realize real-time discovery for insights in the fastest time.

AI Studio doesn’t require user training and is among the best tools in the field of social listening. AI Studio can detect themes sustainably and quickly. Being fully automated, the AI ​​platform allows brands to discover obvious and unexpected things. The platform can be used for any user experience source to provide transparent and reliable results.

NetBase Quid in Today’s Marketplace

NetBase Quid provides a unique platform to help companies with competitive intelligence benefits. You can observe emerging trends to ensure the effectiveness of expansion activities and understand the performance of the target market in your industry. When you can analyze data faster and more efficiently than your competitors, you can take the necessary steps to grow your business. Companies in the world are already employing the technologies.