Easy Ways to Add Some Summer Vibes to Your Home


In winter, many of us are keen to find ways to make our homes warmer and cosier. We add heavy textures, extra soft furnishings, and deep colors to create a more comforting space. But as summer approaches, these details that have comforted us in colder weather might start to feel suffocating and make our rooms seem stuffy. At this time of year, you might want to make some changes to create a summery vibe.

Throw the Windows Open

If you are looking to add a summer vibe to your home, the first thing that you should do is throw the windows open to let in some fresh air. If your windows have been closed all winter, then you’ll be amazed at how much lighter and brighter your rooms feel and smell after even a few hours.

Deep Clean

Spring cleaning is a chance to get into all of the hidden and hard-to-reach places that you don’t clean every week, and to wash things like cushions and sofa cushions that may not have been cleaned for a while. This can help your home to feel less musty, and even improve the air quality.

Get Painting

If your walls are already light or neutral colors it can still be worth giving them a fresh coat of paint to cheer them up ready for summer. If they’re dark right now, opting for even a shade lighter can make a big difference.


Swap Out Accessories

Redecorating every season isn’t sustainable. But swapping out your accessories to match the seasons is a more cost-effective way to change the tone of your home. In winter, you’ll want plenty of deep colors, soft textures, and heavy fabrics. In summer, swap these for things in brighter colors, and light textures. Swap heavy prints for bright block colors or ditsy patterns, and musky scents for soft florals.

Lighten Linens

Heavy blankets and curtains, thick bedding and velvet cushions are all great in winter. But in summer you should change these for lighter fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton for a more summery feel.

Bring in Summery Elements and Accessories

Fresh flowers in bright colors are a wonderful and easy way to create a summer vibe. Adding things like seashells, beach prints and hanging holiday photos can also be effective. Try to add pops of color with your choices and focus on summer-themed accessories where possible.

Work with a Designer

You don’t want to have to redecorate your rooms every time the seasons change. This would be time-consuming, expensive, and wasteful. Instead, you should try to create rooms that you can change easily, with small swaps and additions that fit in well with the color schemes and furniture choices. This can be a difficult balance to find and working with somebody specializing in interior design London can be an excellent idea.

Creating a summer vibe at home can help to keep your house cool and bright and get you in the mood to enjoy the good weather. In most cases, a few simple additions and changes is all it takes to brighten your space.