DIY kit to assemble your own electric skateboard


What is an electric skateboard?

There’s a constant hype surrounding these amazing new machines, and you’re likely to notice one or two criss crossing your surroundings.

They are often referred to as electric skateboards, but you will find that they will be called everything. Here are some of the same meanings.

  • eBoard
  • eSkateboard
  • eSkate
  • Motorized skateboard
  • Skateboard remote control
  • Electrical panel

LumBuy Electric skateboards are just like regular skateboards, only they have a battery-powered motor that turns the wheels. You can use the manual remote to control the speed of the board and slow it down using the built-in brake. You still control the direction of the board by tilting from side to side, but you no longer have to dig in the ground for the board to move.

Electric motor for your skateboard

Extremely powerful and microprocessor-controlled motors are often placed next to the axles to drive belts attached to the wheels, or placed directly inside them, called hub motors or wheel motors. If hitting two (or four!) Precision mechanics sounds like a risky business, make sure they are designed with durability and longevity in mind. Size, precision, performance, and materials determine the true “mechanical strength” of your electric skateboard and help you get the most out of your board’s battery during an exhilarating ride.


Skateboard remote control

While most electric skateboard and longboard manufacturers have agreed on a secure and wireless connection, there are still different types of remote controls your motorized skateboard can use. : dial, thumb joystick, index finger trigger, or thumb slider. It’s best to give preference to designs that don’t have overhangs to avoid accidents caused by braking or unwanted movement, and if necessary, look for designs that are durable or even waterproof.

Electronic device

As expected, all of the above components need artificial intelligence to function: the battery management system and the electronic speed controller. Both ensure that the right amount of energy gets to the right place under the right conditions.

The whole electric skateboarding experience

Older e-skates with sturdy battery covers and high-friction belt drives make real motorless skateboarding impossible. The idling rechargeable motor and independently mountable electric skateboard drive now give riders freedom of choice.

Before we get started, you might be asking yourself: what the hell is an electric skateboard kit?

Electric skateboard

Like anyone who has heard of skateboarding, you certainly know the deck is the flat board on which you stand. When you first build your own electric skateboard, it’s a good idea to use a longer skateboard for smaller objects, as you’ll get more balance and a better ride.  It is important that your deck is strong and somewhat flexible. It is also recommended that you use the upper platform for the first time (as opposed to the collapsible platform), which should have enough headroom.

Electric skateboard wheels

As with the deck, you have your options with the wheels. This means that you should touch the wheel on an electric skate with a large diameter and medium flexibility. Especially with your first set, consider the long plastic wheels that will make it easier to install the drive pulleys.

Electric skateboard

Apparently, the truck kept its wheels under deck. In the middle of the truck was a large peg called the Royal Stud. Standard longboard decks typically use a reversible semi-trailer (RKP), where the shell and slats face outwards. You will most likely find a traditional Kingpin (TKP) truck on a regular skateboard. Since we’ve found that longboards are more suitable than skateboards, you’ll want the RKP truck.

Electric skateboard

At the heart of your electric skateboard adapter is the electronics. It’s called an electric skateboard after all. The first question to ask is whether you want to use a one- or two-motor setup. Assuming this is the first time, our advice would be to choose a large motor with a relatively lower Kv (i.e. constant speed as measured in revolutions per minute). If you choose a two-motor setup, be prepared to spend more.

The motor brain is known as the ESC, also known as the motor controller.  You certainly won’t be the first to succeed, and then you won’t be the first to ignite the same ESC in the blink of an eye. Our advice is to spend a few extra bucks and get the quality ESC you find on a car. Look for the letters HV in the name to indicate the device supports a high current.

You have a choice on the front of the battery. Most people use powerful polymer lithium-ion batteries, which deliver tons of power into a small and manageable package. On the other hand, this type of battery can explode or be destroyed if misused. If you want something more affordable and maybe a little more reliable, go for a regular lithium-ion battery.

The next thing you will need is the transmitter and receiver, and install the remote control. Luckily, you can find a good one for around $25.

Electric skateboard drive

The power train consists of four components that together transmit power from the engine(s) to the wheels. To create the right drive train, you’ll need the following: engine pulley, wheel pulley, drive belt, and engine mount. Remember that circumstances matter, which means that you must consider the dimensions of the engine(s) and wheels before fitting the transmission. You should also know the speed of your engine(s), as this will help you determine gear ratios and, in addition, achieve a higher top speed.

To prevent belt accidents, it is recommended that you mount the engine directly on the truck. However, you may find that this makes it difficult to adjust the belt tension. Consider creating a two-part motor mount and using the enlarged screw holes to allow room for adjustments.

Cover for electric skateboard

With all that reliable engineering and hard work on the board, you’d be completely insane to let it out. This is why no electric skateboarding kit for homeowners is complete without a cover that protects the battery, cables, ESC, receiver, and receiver. You want cardboard that is sturdy but breathable and contains materials like aluminum along with holes or mesh.