Different Types of Balustrades that are available in the market


Many of us are not aware of what Balustrades are. But do you know that you encounter Balustrades daily? Yes, you heard it right. Balustrades are rail guards which are found on the sidelines of the staircases, terraces, and balconies. Balustrades are a row of small columns which support the rail.

These come in various forms like stainless steel balustrade, cast-iron balustrade, glass balustrade, wooden balustrade, and many more. Overall the right kind of balustrade can change the entire looks of the place. Hence, choosing the right kind of balustrade is very important when you are planning to upgrade the interiors of your house.

Why is balustrade important?

The main job of a balustrade is to provide safety to the people who are using the staircase.  A proper balustrade will prevent a person from falling from a staircase in case of any mishap or a simple slip. Therefore, choosing a sturdy balustrade like the stainless steel balustrade will help you to prevent any kind of mishap.

Apart from providing safety, its other importance includes offering support to the rail guard. Hence, when selecting the material balustrade, make sure that you select a hardy material so that it can provide enough support to the rail.


Many people who have a knee problem and find it difficult to climb stairs, usually give a lot of pressure on the rails with their hands to climb. This immense pressure leads to the damage of the rail. A sturdy balustrade like a stainless steel balustrade can provide that extra support to the rails and hence give it the strength to withstand the pressure.

Additionally, these balustrades also create barrier and they enhance the overall look of the place where they are installed.

Types of Balustrades

There are various types of Balustrades that are available in the market.

Glass Balustrade

A glass balustrade is perhaps the most preferred balustrade option considered by the general public. Glass offers a sense of sophistication and elegance to the housing apartment. Glass is easy to clean and maintain as well. They offer an added sense of protection as glass is transparent in nature making it easy to monitor pets along with children with complete precision. Glass balustrades are therefore incorporated in swimming pools and balconies by most of the target audiences.

Stainless steel balustrade

Stainless steel balustrade is a fantastic option to consider if you are looking for a minimalistic yet sophisticated interior design. Steel is a robust and flexible construction material that is heavily preferred by architects all around the world due to its diverse functionality. Moreover, issues related to pest infestation are non-existent for steel. Steel is also an eco-friendly material unlike wood as it can be easily recycled. Another benefit of installing stainless steel balustrade is that the material is impervious to rusting. Therefore, it is a cost-effective option to consider for every homeowner.

Wooden Balustrade

If you are looking for a traditional interior design then opting for a wooden balustrade is the most ideal option to consider. Wooden materials provide a sense of warmth within a residential apartment. However, homeowners must make sure to avoid issues related to termites infestation while installing a wooden balustrade. Specific measures must be incorporated to limit these problems in the long run.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular types of balustrades that are available in the market. However, Stainless steel balustrade is one of the best options to consider because of its durability and looks.