Dental Veneers: Know its common types, benefits and procedure


Dental veneers are cosmetic dentistry treatments/procedures perfect for adults and young adults. Veneers are thin, tooth-colored shell materials on a tooth’s front surface.

They are used to correct many cosmetic imperfections. You can select one according to your needs. Veneers are a great choice for those who want to improve their teeth appearance and smile.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are dental rebuilding that helps improve the appearance of your teeth. They are usually created from porcelain or resin composite materials that are molded and fixed to the front of your teeth.

When you smile, the veneer looks completely natural since it can be customized to match the color of your existing teeth.


Three common types of Dental Veneers

However, dental veneers include many different types of veneers, and this article talks about three common types of veneers, which are often the preferred choice for patients.

  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Ceramic Veneers
  • Composite Veneers

1. Porcelain Veneers

It is the most natural-looking kind of dental restoration and the first choice for the patient who wants a small change in the tooth shape, size, and color.

Porcelain Veneers are used for many dental cosmetic problems to correct and improve the appearance and smile. For example, it can alter crooked and cracked teeth and deformities such as gaps and chips and restore discolored or stained teeth.

Here are some benefits of this dental procedure:

  • Compared to other veneers, they are thinner.
  • You will get a natural tooth appearance.
  • If you do proper care, it can last for 15 years.
  • Usually, the natural tooth does not need to be reduced in size.

2. Ceramic Veneers

It is the most popular type of dental procedure/treatment. Patients generally consider and make it a choice due to these reasons:

  • Natural look/appearance
  • Replica of your natural teeth
  • Durability

If you’re looking for natural appearance and durability, you can choose this dental treatment that mimics your existing teeth.

3. Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are bonded veneers and are a less expensive and less destructive procedure to modify a smile. This dental procedure can happen in one treatment, and you don’t need more dental visits.

Some of the benefits of this veneer include the following:

  • Less expensive and has fewer dental visits as compared to other veneers.
  • It can give a natural look due to high-quality composite
  • Affordable/cost-effective

These veneers are polished and smoothed to achieve the natural appearance of teeth. Composite veneers will help you to get your dream smile.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

The major benefit of veneers is enhancing the appearance of your teeth and smile. It is a cosmetic procedure used for cosmetic concerns. So, veneers can benefit from these cosmetic concerns:

  • If teeth are broken or chipped.
  • If occurs severe discoloration or uneven coloring.
  • If there are gaps in the teeth.
  • If teeth are smaller than average.
  • If teeth are pointed or unusually shaped.

Veneers are a semi-permanent investment that can help you feel more confident about your smile because they can endure for more than a decade, depending on the type of veneer you select.

The procedure of Dental Veneers

The procedure of dental veneers needs three visits to the dentist:

  • Consultation.
  • Apply for this procedure.
  • Undergo the veneering process for one tooth or several teeth.

When you consult a dentist, they will check your teeth thoroughly and take X-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth and examine every sign of tooth decay, gum disease, or the need for root canals and then recommend the appropriate dental treatment for you.

Dental veneers are a cosmetic procedure for your teeth appearance and a better smile. It corrects any appearance of your teeth and improves your dental problem.


What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are a type of cosmetic treatment for teeth restoration to correct and improve the appearance of your natural teeth.

How do dental veneers work?

They work by correcting/mimicking the appearance of misaligned, misshapen or discolored teeth.

Should I choose composite fixing or porcelain veneers?

Ask your dentist which option is appropriate for you.

Why do I need dental veneers?

Dental veneers are excellent if you have discolored, worn down, chipped, misaligned, or uneven front teeth.

However, to effectively fix misaligned teeth, you should be looking for Invisalign in Boynton Beach or one near you.

Will porcelain veneers fix my smile?

Yes, it will fix several types of cosmetic dental problems.