Delivery routes for sale: A safe investment and business ownership


A delivery route business is a safe bet if you want to invest in a business model that has a bright future. The logistics market around the world is increasing, and this growth is expected to continue. In fact, by 2027, its worth is projected to rise to $6.55 trillion. During the past three years, costs have increased as more people have become aware of the potential profits offered by delivery routes.

Rising demand could lead to even greater price increases and increased competition in the market. Do you want in on that action? You have our sympathies. Start your own delivery route company and join the fun. Keep reading, and we’ll describe what that is and how to get one going.

What is the purpose of delivery routes?

Simply put, a delivery route operates by acquiring and operating on established delivery routes from well-known companies. You can find many delivery routes for sale by clicking here For example, you’ve decided to acquire a FedEx Ground Route. This is a guaranteed route where you deliver packages on behalf of FedEx to a certain number of locations.


Each week, a member of your team (if there are packages to distribute) makes deliveries to those addresses using the FedEx shipping service.

FedEx will tally the number of shipments you delivered during the week to determine your weekly commission.

Purchase protected routes that have a predetermined destination.

The delivery area for these routes is not specific addresses but rather a larger geographical region. They are generally more profitable and inexpensive to purchase but also more fiercely contested. When you have your own route, you can provide service to multiple companies (like FedEx, UPS, and DHL versus just doing a route for one carrier).

After purchasing a route, you must manage it and make all scheduled deliveries.

When you have a protected route, no other couriers from your franchise can travel within your chosen area. There is no such safeguard on a non-official route.

The commission is the standard form of compensation in the delivery route industry. For every X delivery you make per week, for instance, you’ll receive a 12% discount.

Weekly payments ensure a consistent flow of funds.

What criteria should be used to evaluate a FedEx route?

Did you know that a FedEx Ground operation’s historical tax filings do not represent the company’s current performance?

Far too many possible investors are wasting their time with old financial reports. It is common practice for a prospective buyer of a firm to ask for and analyze the company’s financial records and tax filings over the prior three years. With these FedEx Ground routes, you’d be wasting your time if you tried to do that.

The company you’re examining in 2022 is vastly different from the one depicted in the tax returns for either 2018 or 2020. Instead, FedEx Ground’s settlement statements over the past six weeks reveal the company’s current condition of health. You’re buying a steady flow of cash when you buy FedEx Ground routes. The most up-to-date financial data is essential for making sound investments.

Expenses vs. revenue

Expenses for most FedEx Ground locations are about the same. The total amount spent will change based on factors such as the number of workers and the cost of living in their area. If you are familiar with the area, you will be better able to ask pertinent questions and verify the veracity of the information provided.

Using the settlement statements that FedEx Ground gives to the CSP, you can verify the Total Revenue amount generated by FedEx Ground enterprises. FedEx has processed the payments shown on the papers for the services rendered.

Remember that if you buy a certain division of a company, you’ll have to separate the division’s earnings from the rest of the company’s settlement statements. In order to successfully carve out a financial budget, you should consult with a FedEx Ground routes expert.

Start your own small business with a delivery route

Purchasing existing delivery routes business is a fantastic method to launch (or expand) a new business venture.

As a small-scale business owner, you can purchase routes from established corporations. As the owner-operator, you must ensure that all deliveries are made on time and that the route is completed.

However, before purchasing routes, it is essential to conduct thorough research. Think about the area covered by the distribution route and the typical package delivery need. Making the most of your time on the road will increase your earnings from your side gig. Then your startup will have the capacity to expand by adding more routes.

Why should you buy a FedEx route for a passive income source?

Purchasing a FedEx route is appealing for a variety of reasons, and the demand for them is great. The route owner might choose to handle remote routes that are outside of their residence or place of work, and they will not be responsible for making any sales or marketing efforts.

Simple business model

Since many route firms handle all of your expenses before you are paid, accounting is typically rather straightforward. Typically, you’ll only be responsible for three expenses after you get paid. Truck repairs, fuel, and payroll all add up to those three costs (if applicable).

You get a stable income

When you finally take over the route, you’ll start making money. Unlike many other sorts of businesses, route income is usually quite consistent and rarely fluctuates significantly from week to week. You can usually get a good idea of the range of salary at your employer by looking at a handful of recent paychecks. You should aim for a pay cycle that averages out to 4-8 weeks.

A safe investment

While a franchise has a well-known name and proven business model, the success of a new franchisee’s venture is a matter of chance. Established businesses for sale typically have proven track records of profitable operations, reducing the buyer’s perceived level of risk.


In comparison to other common methods of starting a business, the conventional way offers a model that is both easy to understand and profitable. This is why delivery routes are a great investment option. Read our guide to get a better understanding of this business model.