Crafting Clickable Blog Headlines


There are more than 1.9 billion active websites on the internet, and that means that you’ll have a lot of competition to deal with if you ever plan to create a successful website of your own. After all, how can you compete with websites that have great content, great keywords, and plenty of traffic? The key is to craft exciting blog headlines.

You might not think that blog headlines are all that important since they only make up a small part of any blog, but they are actually very significant. If you don’t know how to write a headline, you’ll find that it isn’t very difficult, but there are some important factors that can turn a good headline into a great headline.

Keep reading and learn more about different blog headline ideas and how you can craft some great headlines of your own.

Make Your Blog Headlines Short and Specific


Whenever you search for something on the internet, you will find that the first few results will be very short and concise. You will be hard-pressed to find any successful blogs with headlines that are long and vague. This is one of the key factors that make a headline good.

The last thing you want to do is write a blog headline that is very long for no reason. And yet, many people end up doing this because they don’t realize that blog headlines should be as short as possible. Some believe that the more keywords you have in the headline, the better.

This is only true to some extent, however. Your headline should indeed have a keyword in it, preferably the main keyword that you’re trying to target, but you should not try to stuff your headlines with keywords. This will not help bring more traffic to your website.

The Details

In fact, it might even end up ruining your website’s success. Long headlines are not successful because they are not catchy or attractive. The majority of a long headline won’t even be shown in full when it shows up on a search result page.

On the other hand, short and catchy headlines do much better in terms of reigning in traffic. This is because you can read a short headline right away. You don’t have to stare at the headline for any period of time to understand it.

If your headlines tend to be quite long, then it is time to cut them down to size. That is the first step of creating a good SEO title. If you have trouble doing this, then it may be best to consider blog writing services to do the job for you.

Appeal to the Emotions of Your Audience

Almost every good blog headline appeals to one’s emotions in some way. For example, you will find that many blog headlines will use words such as “tragic” or “shocking.” These words are very powerful in terms of emotional power.

But why is it important to have some kind of emotional power in your blog headlines in the first place? Without language that appeals to a person’s emotions, you will find that the resulting headline will be quite dull as a result. While the headline might be short and catchy, it still might not be catchy enough to actually compel someone to click on it.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to use outrageous words in your headline just to bring in more traffic. However, some websites, especially low-quality tabloids, do end up doing this. Many also make their titles purposely misleading or shocking just to draw in more readers.

Be Honest

While this can be effective in some cases, it is best to avoid this method of crafting headlines. If you want your website to have a good reputation, it is best to keep your headlines mostly truthful, although you can exaggerate some facts in the title. The majority of readers don’t like being misled, so you should avoid bating your readers with false information.

After all, as soon as your readers find that your content is not true to the blog headline, they’ll click off the article at once. This, of course, is not a good way to retain new viewers.

Don’t Forget To Use Statistics

If you’re trying to lure in as many readers as possible, then it would be a good idea to use statistics in your titles. For example, if you use a statistic that involves a percentage of people or a certain monetary number, people will be far more likely to click on your article. This is because most people, whether they know it or not, are enticed by statistics.

If you do use a statistic, it is important that you bring it up in a somewhat shocking way. That way, people will have their interest piqued, and they won’t be able to resist clicking on your article. Again, make sure that your headline is short and that the statistic is right at the beginning of the headline.

That way, it will be clear to see for anyone who stumbles across your article.

What You Need To Know About Writing Blog Headlines

Writing blog headlines doesn’t have to be an impossible task, but there are certain factors you should consider before you start writing. For example, your headlines should always be short and specific rather than long and vague. You also will want to appeal to the emotions of your readers, so they get emotionally invested in whatever your article has to say.

Finally, using statistics in your headline is always a very good idea. To learn more, check out the other blogs on our website.