Coaches Vs. Minibuses: Why the Latter Is Better


There are plenty of reasons why minibuses are used in schools and a whole host of possibilities why you can be driving your students around in one.

There is a whole range of plus points that are worth bearing in mind, and the following blog post will be checking these out in a higher level of detail to give you more of a complete picture of what investing in one can do for your school or other educational institution.

Ride in Increased Safety

Firstly, school minibuses have a range of safety features in the modern world, which play a huge role in their increased use in educational settings. A big part of this comes down to the fact that they are constructed in a way that makes them much more compact and built together.


A couple of the major safety features that are worth bearing in mind are dual rear wheels and steel cage construction. Ultimately, it makes sense that safety is considered as a point of primary concern.

A More Comfortable Experience

Another one of the top reasons why you may wish to have a minibus for your school is for your passengers to be able to sit in a more comfortable style and experience. The bucket seats that you have inside tend to be more comfortable than the ones that you get in coaches.

While coaches are going to be difficult to maneuver around certain traffic situations, there is no doubt that minibuses have the level of agility that allows you to move around from place to place without getting stuck over an extended period of time.

Better Accessibility for Passengers

There are plenty of coaches that are highly difficult to access as they are simply so high to begin with. Not only this but there are going to be some that will be very difficult for those with mobility issues or people who are in wheelchairs.

However, this is simply not going to be the case for many minibuses which are specifically built with accessible steps or even ramps that allow people with mobility issues to access the vehicle. Entry assist handles are also often present for those who need them.

Plenty of Amenities

There are often many features that can be enjoyed by people riding in a minibus as opposed to a coach. There are often larger seats, which has been mentioned already, air conditioning, good storage options, and sometimes even items of tech such as speakers and TVs that can help any longer journeys pass a whole lot more quickly.

As you can see from this list of reasons on its own, there is no doubt that minibuses are simply a better choice than coaches in a whole range of different situations.

As well as the increased safety that is offered by them as a starting point, there is also a more comfortable experience that can be enjoyed, increased accessibility, and a whole range of other amenities.