Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency in the US – What you Need to Know


So, you are planning to launch your own business, which might sound like a plan, until you realize the level of competition. Whether you detail cars or offer emergency plumbing services, you can bet your bottom dollar that the market is saturated and penetrating is not so easy.

It’s all about performance

You’ve probably figured out you need to enlist the services of a digital marketing agency and there are many such outfits, all promising the Earth!

One thing to remember about digital marketing is that it is a performance-based industry; the market leader is Sabri Suby’s digital marketing agency, King Kong, which has gone global, thanks to an outside-the-box approach to creating and smashing marketing goals!


Simply put, they deliver the goods and the switched-on team of experts fully understand what the client wants and they don’t offer empty promises.

Awards are the key

If you have one agency that is streets ahead of the pack, they would sweep all the awards and trophies and they wouldn’t be shy about announcing their achievements. Forget their claims, a digital marketing agency is only as good as its online reviews and you won’t find any higher than King Kong.

Radical approach

When you approach a digital marketing agency, it’s pretty much the same process, with some slight variation, an initial online audit to gather data, then a proposal arrives in your inbox and few days later.

You might deal with several people, which isn’t ideal, while King Kong don’t work that way, you have a dedicated manager who is your portal to success. There are no frills; what you see is what you get and results speak for themselves.

Leading by a mile

What would happen if a single agency remained streets ahead of the pack? They would quickly have offices around the world; Google can tell you what you need to know regarding the top-rated digital marketing agency.

Discuss Terms

A transparent and well-defined contract will set the foundation for a positive and successful partnership.

  1. Review the agreement terms proposed by the agency.
  2. Pay attention to pricing structures, service-level agreements, and termination clauses.
  3. Clarify any uncertainties, ensure fair terms, and align with your expectations.

Analyze Creativity

Assess the agency’s creativity in crafting compelling campaigns. Inquire about their problem-solving approach and willingness to experiment with new strategies. A forward-thinking agency is more likely to adapt to changing market dynamics and keep your campaigns fresh and compelling.

It’s all about the Experience

While digital marketing principles are applicable across industries, having an agency with experience in your specific sector can be advantageous.

An agency familiar with the nuances of your industry understands competition and industry trends, leading to more effective campaigns. Inquire about the agency’s experience working with businesses similar to yours and ask for references.

Assess the Agency’s Expertise

Digital marketing encompasses various disciplines, including SEO, SMO, content creation, email marketing, and more. Evaluate the agency’s expertise in these areas and ensure they have a diverse skill set to address your specific requirements.

Scrutinize the Agency’s Online Presence

Evaluate the agency’s website, social media profiles, and content. A professional and engaging online presence suggests that the agency practices what it preaches. Pay attention to the quality of their content, user experience, and how well they leverage different digital channels for their marketing efforts.

Look For Flexibility

A flexible agency will adapt its strategies based on the changing dynamics of your business and the industry. Scalability ensures that your digital marketing efforts can grow alongside your business.

They walk you through

Unlike some agencies that rarely make contact, the top outfit actually walk their clients through the process and a plan can change in an instant. The business climate is in a constant state of change and with real-time data analysis, flexibility allows for changes that can be tracked in real-time.

If you are looking to create a strong digital footprint with your small business, talk to the number one digital marketing agency in the US and let them put your business on the map!