Checklist for Catering Supplies


An off-site event that needs catering needs to be organised and planned. Before your staff gets on the delivery truck, make sure they have counted all the goods and catering equipment. This will make sure nothing gets left behind.

We’ve put together a catering checklist to help you get ready for your event and give your workers the best chance of doing well. If you’re just starting out in the food business, this is a good introduction to the things you’ll need for a large event that takes place away from your restaurant.

Table Settings

The type of table setting you need will depend on the style of the event. A table setting for a high-end wedding or event needs more things, like cloth towels, charger plates, and stemware.


You might only need dinner plates, water glasses, and silverware for a simple picnic or barbeque.

  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Dinnerware
  • Flatware
  • Plates for serving
  • Glassware
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Water Pitchers

Display and Decoration

By renting out some easy items for the client’s event decor, you can raise the total balance of the invoice. Many of your customers would rather pay your catering company to rent easy things like vases and table numbers than to find a separate rental company. Don’t forget to bring display risers and stands so you can show off your dishes and use the vertical room on your food tables.

  • Risers
  • Cakestands
  • Towers of cupcakes
  • Candlesticks and candle arrangements
  • Vases Table Numbers
  • Signs Made With Chalk

Catering Supplies

Using disposable catering materials can save your clients money and make things easier for them. If you use porcelain dinnerware and traditional glasses, you’ll have to put the dirty dishes back on the truck and will probably have to charge a fee for cleaning them. With throwaway forks, plates, and cups, you can save your customers money, get rid of the risk of broken dishes, and save time cleaning.

  • Grazing or catering boxes
  • Plastic silverware
  • Paper Napkins
  • Plastic cups and mugs
  • Appetiser Plates
  • Choices for drinks
  • Foil Pans
  • Aluminium Foil

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Transport Supplies

You need catering transport goods to get your meals to another location without letting them get cold. Because of this, insulated food pan carriers are the best friend of a chef. They can hold pans of different sizes and can be used to keep food warm or cold. Use coolers to carry drinks and ice outside. Food storage boxes and totes can be used to store dry foods.

  • Food pan carriers with insulation
  • Glass Racks
  • Food Storage Boxes, Lugs, and Totes for Outdoor Use

Cooking and serving tools

Induction cookers are great for stations that make crepes, omelettes, or stir-fry because they are small, movable, and don’t give off any heat. Set up grill stations with portable outdoor grills for outdoor food events.

Portable Grills and Induction Cookers

Outdoor Burners Holding Cabinets

Serving Equipment

You’ve spent a lot of time planning your event, but you can’t always be there to take care of every detail. Set your staff up for success by giving them everything they need to carry out your goal. Lighters are often an aside, but they are important if you want to put fuel in your chafers. Extra outfits and aprons will make sure that all of your employees look clean and nice.

  • Trays for serving and tray stands
  • Chafers
  • Chafer Fuel Serving Utensils
  • Cooking pans
  • Aprons and uniforms for servers

Beverage Supplies

Using insulated beverage machines lets you take hot and cold drinks off-site and keep them at the same serving temperature. If you want to set up a coffee area that looks more elegant, coffee chafer urns are a good choice. Don’t forget to bring a lot of ice, since you usually end up needing more than you thought.

  • Ice
  • Beverage makers
  • Coffee Chaffing Dishes
  • Airpots for coffee

Furniture and places to sit

By letting your clients rent tables and chairs, you can make your food business a one-stop shop. It gives your customers peace of mind to know that one company is taking care of their event instead of them having to look for different hires from different places. For your food stands, you’ll also need display tables and canopies or tents for outdoor catered events.

  • Canopies / Tents
  • Folding tables, chairs that fold up, and benches
  • Tables for drinks
  • Bars

Cleaning and janitorial supplies

Most of the trash cleanup for your off-site events will be up to you, so bring the necessary trash cans, recycling bins, and liners. Don’t forget to think about movable handwashing stations for places that don’t have sinks or running water.

  • Garbage Cans
  • Places to wash your hands
  • Cleaning towels and hand sanitizer
  • Disposable Gloves

Use our catering supplies list to make sure you have everything you need to set up an event somewhere else. Nothing is worse than getting to your destination and realising you forgot something important. If you follow our rules, everything will get to your destination safely, so you can focus on your food and service.