Cheap Portable Storage in Melbourne


Melbourne City is around 9,993 km2 and moving from one place to another, even just within this city, can be a stressful and hectic experience. This is especially true if you have a large amount of personal belongings. Normally, you would hire a moving company, but did you know that there are now mobile storage units for rent?

This option offers more flexibility because the mobile storage company allows you to pack and load your things into the storage at your most convenient time. They then deliver the mobile container to your new home and you can finish unloading your cargo. You also have the option to leave your mobile storage unit at their facility and let them deliver it to your new house at a later time.

Maximize the Value of Your Money

There are probably dozens of mobile storage companies in Melbourne; however, you should not just sign up with the first one that comes up from your Google search. Do your due diligence and find out more about the company you want to work with. What is their pricing? What are their mobile storage unit sizes? What’s included in their offer? Will it save you more money, or break your wallet? Consider these things first before signing the lease form.


An ideal mobile storage company should:

  • Offer a competitive yet affordable price for their mobile storage units
  • Provide industrial grade stainless steel mobile storage units for safe and secure storage, as well as all-weather resistant and vermin proof design
  • Have tie rails in their mobile storage units to hold your belongings securely
  • Provide an anti-theft padlock protectors
  • Have well-ventilated mobile storage units
  • Have various mobile storage unit sizes to fit all kinds of cargo
  • Have a good reputation and has been in operation for a long time
  • Have a safe and secure facility with CCTV and alarm systems installed
  • Provide insurance coverage for your goods
  • Offer reimbursement in case your cargo gets lost or damaged
  • Have expert and accredited removalists and storage personnel on standby always ready to assist you

The Cost of Space You’re Leasing

Leasing a mobile storage unit is like renting an apartment – every real estate space matters. As a responsible person, you need to know what you’re paying for and how it benefits you. So here are some tips on how to calculate the cost per cubic meter of your mobile storage unit.

The mobile storage unit is designed either as a square or rectangular box, so naturally you use the math of geometry to acquire the volume of the box in cubic meters.

Let’s say the mobile storage unit has a dimension of: Length = 2.0 meters, width = 2.3 meters, and height = 2.8 meters. Therefore, the total volume would be 18.67m3 which is a substantial amount of space for an individual living in Melbourne.

Now let’s calculate the cost for each cubic meter of these Cheap Portable Storage Containers. For example, a mobile storage company charges $34.95 a week, then we simply divide this number with the total volume of the portable storage, which should be $34.95/18.67m3 = $1.87 per cubic meter per week. It’s actually unbelievably cheap!

What Other Things Should the Storage Company Include

One key factor in choosing the storage company you’ll want to work with is the versatility of size options of their mobile storage containers. This means that anyone – from individuals who have few belongings to a typical family who has a lot – can take advantage of the various portable container sizes available to them. By perfectly fitting your cargo with the available space you also save money, as you’ll choose the best leasing fee that suits your needs.

The fact that their portable storage containers have side and ceiling tie rails to keep your cargo in place is just brilliant! Now you won’t have to worry about load shifting when the mobile storage unit is being transported. On top of that, if the company also offers additional protection for your furniture by providing felt furniture blankets, then truly they have gone above and beyond to cater to the customer’s needs. Perhaps the best Portable Storage Container Hire in Melbourne is the company that puts your needs first before anything else.