How to Change the Size of Bracelets in Three Simple Steps?


Bracelets are making a huge comeback in the world of jewellery. You can get any kind of bracelet that you want – you can even buy a charm bracelet and customise it yourself!

The major complaint people have about bracelets is that they can be difficult to take in or out as needed. This article will give you three ideas of how to change the size of your bracelet so that it better suits you and your life. Read on for more comfortable jewellery for the rest of your life!

Change the Length of the Links

This is a tip that works best for people with chain bracelets. So anybody who has a charm bracelet can do this, for example.

The links in a bracelet can be shortened or lengthened in two ways.

The first way is very simple: just change the link which you use to clasp your bracelet. Most bracelets will have a short line of slightly bigger links on one end. This is where you fasten it, and there is some space to make it bigger or smaller.

The second way is to take it to a jeweller. They will then length or shorten the bracelet by adding or removing links. This will cost you some money, of course, but the job will be done professionally. This second option is best if you don’t want any excess material floating around your arms. Choose which option seems best to you.

Change the Overall Size of your Bracelet

If you have a charm bracelet, you know that they can get quite bulky. There are, again, two ways to handle this.

One way is to have certain charms for certain times. You can always try and wear all your charms at once, but that will be bulky and heavy. Divide your charms up, and you can make things much more streamlined. There are so many different charms that you could easily sort them into groups. You could wear some charms as an everyday bracelet, and then keep some for going out.

The second way to do this is to buy smaller charms. This can get complicated, of course, but it will make your bracelet smaller and easier to wear. If you want, you can try and swap out all of your charms for smaller ones. You can also just buy smaller ones from here on out – this could create an interesting big and little effect when wearing them!

Buy Adjustable Bracelets

Adjustable rings and bracelets have been around for a while. They are very good for anybody who wears jewellery for a long time! Changing the size of an adjustable bracelet is very simple. Just (carefully!) pull the separate sides of the bracelet apart, or push them together. It can take some time to achieve a perfect fit, so be patient.

One thing to remember with adjustable bracelets is that they can be more fragile than other pieces of jewellery. They are often made of softer metals such as copper. While this makes it easier to change their shape, it also makes them easy to break! These bracelets are also often constructed in a way that reduces their overall structural integrity. Be careful not to get them caught – they can easily be bent beyond their capacity to handle!